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  • Ransomware Roundup: 5 Recent Healthcare Hacks and Outcomes

    There seems to be a new headline every week about a hospital or healthcare organization becoming a target of a...

    By in Industry Insights01-04-2016
  • data security compliance 101

    Data Security Compliance 101: How Regulation Affects Everyone in IT

    In this episode of the SOCK(net) podcast, Yadin and Tony, along with guest host Mengchao Wu, discuss how to...

  • 4 Lessons from Recent Data Breaches

    Security in the Digital Age: 4 Lessons from Recent Data Breaches

    Recent data breaches, including 2015’s infamous Ashley Madison hack, have shown the world two valuable lessons: in the age...

    By in Product Deep-Dives25-02-2016
  • data privacy

    For User Data Privacy: Think Globally, Act Locally

    As U.S. organizations become more cognizant about the need to protect the data they collect, they learn how poor...

    By in Industry Insights23-02-2015