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Top 9 Mistakes to Avoid When Backing Up Hyper-V

Complex snapshot hierarchy and legacy infrastructure make it difficult to effectively back up virtual environments like Hyper-V. Here are 9 mistakes to watch out for when implementing your Hyper-V data protection strategy.

Druva 2017 VMware Cloud Migration Survey

Over 440 IT professionals were surveyed to garner insights on how today’s organizations are approaching the VMware cloud migration opportunity.

Solution: Endpoint & Cloud Backup

The Cloud Apps Data Protection Handbook

Data Loss Protection for Your SaaS & Cloud Apps SaaS applications like Office 365, G Suite, Box and Salesforce are not necessarily built to deliver a complete solution for data protection. This guide reveals the unforeseen risks of trusting your SaaS application to protect your data.

Solution: Endpoint & Cloud Backup

The GDPR Compliance Guide for Business

The GDPR is a reality and well on its way to impacting organizations of every size around the world. This comprehensive guide will walk your organization through the steps to prepare for the needed changes in processes and technology solutions.

The Top 5 Things You Must Know About GDPR

Companies have little time to prepare for drastic changes in the way they will need to handle the personal data of EU residents. This guide provides you with the the top five things you need to know to help you prepare for GDPR.

5-Step Guide: Automate Disaster Recovery With the Cloud

The threat to your virtualized environment is now more acute than ever. By following these steps, you can set up and automate a disaster recovery solution to allow for single-click failover of your mission-critical data.

8 Essential Practices For Hypervisor Backup

System downtime, failover complexity and disaster recovery costs are key Here are 8 essential real-world practices to put in place for hypervisor backup, archival and disaster recovery (DR).

A Revolutionary Unified Approach to Data Protection

Managing and protecting your data can be a challenge as hackers become more and more sophisticated, as evidence by the May 2017 WannaCry ransomware attack. Learn how Druva and AWS delivers secure data protection-as-a-service across endpoints, servers, and cloud applications.

Druva Annual Ransomware Report: 2017 Survey

Over 800 IT professionals were surveyed to garner insights on how today’s organizations are contending with the ransomware threat. With some surprising results, see how your organization aligns with how they’ve been impacted and are responding.

Solution: Endpoint & Cloud Backup

How to Move VMware Data Protection To the Cloud

Managing the backup and restore of distributed virtual machines is typically a complex and burdensome process. Moving these workloads to the cloud relieves demands for new hardware, administrative effort and budgets.

7 Ways It Pays To Move Backup To The Cloud

These 7 points will show you—and your CIO and CFO—how to dramatically reduce the overall storage footprint of your organization and slash costs while gaining the efficiencies of the cloud.

Solution: Cloud Backup For Remote Offices

Leveraging the Cloud to Evolve Your eDiscovery Process - How organizations have achieved a 50% savings in time and cost

Organizations leveraging the cloud have been able to easily cut their eDiscovery time in half while saving significant costs and minimizing spoliation risks. See how Druva and Exterro have created a platform that has helped legal teams take advantage of this technology within their organizations.

Solution: eDiscovery for Endpoints

Leveraging the Public Cloud for Enterprise Data Protection

Today’s public cloud offers greater efficiency for IT, more reliability for the business, and improved security for the data. Read this executive brief to find out how consolidating workflows such as backup, archival and disaster recovery in the cloud boosts cost savings and agility for enterprises.

Solution: Cloud Backup For Remote Offices

Protecting your Office 365 Data

The core capabilities of Office 365, while powerful, are not necessarily built to be a comprehensive solution for companies’ data availability and governance needs. Find out how your business can establish a strong data protection solution at a better price-point in the cloud.

Solution: Endpoint & Cloud Backup

Securing ITAR Data in the Cloud

One key regulation that deals with sensitive digital information is the International Traffic in Arms Regulations (ITAR). Gain an understanding of the primary components of ITAR and how your organization can comply.

Solution: Converged Data Protection

Shifting Data Protection Strategies to the Cloud for Remote and Branch Offices

Enterprise data is growing at an exponential rate. This explosion of information places enormous pressure on companies to more efficiently archive, retrieve and manage their data. The cloud addresses these needs, providing unique advantages.

Solution: Cloud Backup For Remote Offices

5 Benefits of moving VMWare Data Protection to the Cloud

Virtualization has dramatically enhanced server and primary storage utilization. But, protecting the environment and the ever growing amount of structured and unstructured data being created still requires a complex, on-premises secondary storage model that poses heavy administrative overhead and infrastructure costs. Review these 5 real-world business reasons to move backup, archival and disaster recovery (DR) to a single, cloud-native platform.

Solution: Cloud Backup For Remote Offices

6 tips for eDiscovery data access in minutes

Getting to the data that is most relevant to your litigation is a frustratingly cumbersome and manual process, taking several days or even weeks. Use these tips to find the data you need without the wait.

Solution: Endpoint & Cloud Backup

How Third Parties Fill The Critical Gaps Left By Cloud Apps

Redmond reviews the capabilities of Druva’s cloud-native information management solution to protect critical corporate data residing in cloud apps, such as Office 365, Gmail and Box.

IT Update: Leveraging The Cloud to Solve Today’s Archiving Challenges

Archiving, goes beyond just long term retention, it is designed to help organizations meet their legal, compliance and data access needs by managing analytics, search, and legal hold functions across underlying data sets.

Solution: Endpoint & Cloud Backup

The Top 6 Myths About SaaS Apps and Data Recovery

The permanent loss of critical information from your cloud applications can be harmful to business continuity and carry serious legal or compliance risk. This tip sheet highlights the 6 myths that demonstrate why you need an additional backup and recovery solution.

Solution: Endpoint & Cloud Backup

Three Steps to Achieving Comprehensive Data Protection From Endpoint to Cloud Apps

Without an adequate protection and backup strategy, companies often find that critical data, often residing in endpoints and cloud apps, such as Office 365, Gmail and Box, is lost after a failure or exposed to risk. Read this executive brief, sponsored by AWS, to achieve comprehensive data protection and recovery from unplanned events and litigation.

Solution: Endpoint & Cloud Backup

VMware Cloud Backup - Making The Business Case

Making the business case to move virtual workloads to the cloud is critical to reduce new hardware, software, and administrative burden.

Solution: Cloud Backup For Remote Offices

Choosing the Right Model for Enterprise Backup & Recovery

There are significant differences between a cloud-native data protection solution and those that call themselves “clouds.” This executive brief provides critical insights into the pros and cons of four distinct backup models.

Solution: Converged Data Protection

Simplified Data Protection for Remote & Branch Offices

See how to make the business case for moving your remote office/branch office data protection solution to the cloud to satisfy your business and legal requirements.

Solution: Cloud Backup For Remote Offices

Checklist: You’ve Got Ransomware. Now What?

Are you ready for a ransomware attack? Being prepared will have a huge impact on how effectively your company can recover. Get actionable steps for before and after an attack to keep your organization safe.

Solution: Converged Data Protection

Leveraging The Cloud to Solve Government’s Archiving Challenges

Find out how government agencies are moving data archiving to the cloud to meet the IT modernization demands of time-sensitive requirements like “Cloud First,” while maintaining existing services.

Solution: Endpoint & Cloud Backup

5-Step Guide For GDPR Compliance: A Guide For Constructing Your Planning Timeline

The European Union released new guidance on how companies operating in Europe should protect their customers’ data. In less than two years, all organisations will have to comply with this General Data Protection Regulation. Learn how to plan your requirements around GDPR ahead of the deadline.

Solution: Converged Data Protection

An Insider’s Guide to Ransomware Preparedness & Recovery

Ransomware attacks have become commonplace and affect all kinds of organizations and industries nationwide. A type of malware attack that prevents organizations from accessing their own data until they pay a ransom, ransomware is an easy way for criminals to exploit almost any network intrusion. Learn why ransomware is on the rise and actionable steps to keep your organization safe.

Solution: Converged Data Protection

The Insider's Guide to Cloud Compliance

Compliance in the cloud is critical. What many businesses fail to realize however, is that the cloud can offer superior security, compliance, and privacy safeguards that eliminate the complexity of maintaining regulatory compliance on their own

Solution: Endpoint & Cloud Backup

Addressing User Data Risks In A Distributed Data World

For IT and security managers looking to control the data sprawl brought on by the mobile workforce and cloud services (Office 365, Box, Salesforce, and Dropbox), enforcing data governance policies has become increasingly more complicated. This paper demonstrates better compliance methodologies for tracking and managing dispersed data and for responding to legal requests.

Solution: Converged Data Protection

IT Guide: Laptop Cloud Backup for Businesses

Protecting data stored on laptops presents a new challenge for IT, due to the inherent mobility, cloud-enthusiastic and app-centric behavior of end users. Follow these eight guidelines to develop a backup plan that serves enterprise employees, IT teams, and the security and compliance needs of your organization.

Solution: Endpoint & Cloud Backup

IT Guide: Mac Backup for Business

Protecting Mac devices presents a new challenge for IT, due to the inherent mobility, cloud-enthusiastic and app-centric behavior of end users. Follow these 8 considerations for developing a Mac laptop backup plan for your business that will serve your employees, the IT team, and the security and compliance needs of the enterprise.

Solution: Endpoint & Cloud Backup

IT Guide: Windows 10 Migration Minus The Complexity

If you're an IT admin planning to migrate to Windows 10, follow these six guidelines to develop a Windows 10 migration plan to dramatically ease complexity.

Solution: Device Refresh & OS Migration

Making The Case for the Cloud: Comparing Cloud vs On-Premise Deployments

This executive brief uncovers the reasons behind common preferences for on-premise versus cloud deployments, and compares the strengths of each model.

Solution: Endpoint & Cloud Backup

Staying Ahead of the Curve: A Mobile & Cloud Data Strategy for Legal Hold and eDiscovery

Examine several important considerations for taking a proactive approach to eDiscovery data collection for data within and outside the firewall.

Solution: eDiscovery for Endpoints

The IT Manager’s Guide to Simplifying Microsoft® Outlook® Backup

Outlook .PST files are one of the most difficult types of data to manage in a large organization. This guide covers the challenges of backing up .PST files for Windows® and Mac®, and how they can be addressed using endpoint backup technology.

Solution: Endpoint & Cloud Backup

How a Modern Approach to Online Backup Can Address CIO Challenges

For IT leaders looking to increase overall agility and ROI, this paper demonstrates how backing up data on corporate devices can be the first strategic step towards a more nimble approach to disaster recovery and data governance.

Solution: Endpoint & Cloud Backup

10 Common Pitfalls of Endpoint Backup

For IT professionals who play a role in data protection and governance, this paper provides actionable advice for avoiding common mistakes when selecting a solution to protect enterprise endpoints.

Solution: Endpoint & Cloud Backup

Preparing for The New World of Data Privacy: What Global Enterprises Need to Know

For senior IT leaders who are addressing data privacy concerns in their organizations, this paper covers the key issues to consider and gives recommendations for complying with data residency laws and protecting corporate and employee data privacy.

Solution: Secure Enterprise Mobility

17 Business Wins of Better Backup

We’ve collected 17 real-world business benefits we have heard directly from current customers on the benefits your company will receive from implementing Druva inSync endpoint backup.

Solution: Endpoint & Cloud Backup

Endpoint Backup Compliance Considerations for HIPAA-Regulated Enterprises

Learn what features to look for in an endpoint backup solution, and how to maintain HIPAA compliance whether data is stored on-premise or in the cloud.

Solution: Endpoint & Cloud Backup

Data Deduplication for Corporate Endpoints

Learn how inSync’s global, app-aware, client-side deduplication reduces endpoint bandwidth utilization by 90% and saves storage costs.

Solution: Endpoint & Cloud Backup

5 Unseen Risks in Enterprise File Sharing

Learn about 5 hidden file sharing risks that could put your valuable corporate data in danger.

Solution: Mobile Workforce Data Protection

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