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Extending Data Protection to the Public Cloud for Nutanix Workloads

Join product leaders from Nutanix and Druva, to learn how you can get the best hybrid cloud solution using the the simplicity and performance of Nutanix with the global reach and economics of Druva public cloud data protection.

Speakers: Yuan Wang, Nutanix Solutions Architect; Seyi Verma, Druva Sr. Product Manager

Solution: Converged Data Protection

New Strategies for More Effective Remote/Branch Office Data Protection

Remote and branch office (ROBO) environments are rarely complex but the effort required to manage them increases exponentially with the number of sites. Join data protection expert Jason Buffington, Principal Analyst at Enterprise Strategy Group (ESG), and Druva as they examine ROBO challenges and strategies for a scalable program.

Speakers: Jason Buffington Principal Analyst, ESG; Ramanan Balakrishnan Director, Product Management, Druva

Solution: Cloud Backup For Remote Offices

Cut End-to-End eDiscovery Time in Half: Leveraging the Cloud to Speed eDiscovery

Today legal hold requests expand far beyond traditional email server needs of yesteryear. As the data volume increases from mobile devices and cloud services, Legal and IT teams can no longer continue to rely on legacy eDiscovery processes that are both inefficient and costly. Join Neil Etheridge, DISCO, and Druva to learn how the latest generation of eDiscovery solutions, using native-cloud technologies, are dramatically reducing the eDiscovery process by 50%.

Speakers: Neil Etheridge, VP Marketing, DISCO; Dave Packer, VP Product Marketing, Druva

Solution: eDiscovery for Endpoints

Taking a Proactive Approach to Combat Ransomware

Ransomware attacks are on the rise, restricting access to systems and data until a ransom is paid. Organizations have found themselves vulnerable and struggling to reduce risk. Join our panel of experts, including John Shier, Senior Security Advisor, Sophos, and Druva as they provide insights into how to confidently prepare your organization to combat ransomware threats with proactive strategies to protect data before a malicious attack occurs.

Speakers: John Shier Senior Security Advisor, Sophos; Seyi Verma Product Marketing Manager, Druva

Solution: Mobile Workforce Data Protection

Best Practices for Windows 10 Migration

As organizations plan their broader migrations to Windows 10, the planning and preparation needs to start now, often with many moving parts to coordinate. Join Pang Ngernsupaluck, Windows Partner Lead at Microsoft, and Druva, to hear about the benefits in moving your enterprise to Windows 10 and how to ease the migration.

Speakers: Pang Ngernsupaluck, Windows Partner Lead, US Windows & Devices; Manny Lopez, Product Marketing Manager, Druva

Solution: Device Refresh & OS Migration

Backup (alone) is Dead

Join Henry Baltazar, 451 Research, as he provides insights and report data on how to balance the high cost of storage with managing huge amounts of distributed data, further complicated with the proliferation of mobile devices and cloud data sources.

Speakers: Henry Baltazar Research Director, 451 Research; Seyi Verma Product Marketing Manager, Druva

Solution: Converged Data Protection

2016 Trends: The Year of Moving Workloads to The Cloud

More and more organizations see the transformational potential of moving to cloud for increased efficiency and agility in their IT processes. Join analyst and storage maven Robin Harris of StorageMojo to explore the strategies of organizations moving IT workloads into the public cloud. Druva CEO, Jaspreet Singh, will join the panel to share his predictions.

Speakers: Robin Harris, Industry Analyst, StorageMojo; Jaspreet Singh, Founder and CEO, Druva

Solution: Cloud Backup For Remote Offices

The State of Enterprise Endpoint Backup: An Overview of Gartner's 2015 Capabilities Report

Gartner just released their 2015 Critical Capabilities for Enterprise Endpoint Backup report. Join us for an overview of the 11 critical capabilities that help IT leaders evaluate enterprise endpoint backup solutions for their organizations.

Speakers: Michael Shisko, Director, Information Technology, at Hitachi Consulting; Seyi Verma, Product Marketing Manager, Druva

Solution: Converged Data Protection

Rethinking Enterprise Archiving in the Cloud Era

Modern enterprise archiving is no longer about the long-term storage of data you’re required to keep and serves limited utility to the business. New cloud architectures are transforming what once was simply a means to protect corporate data to a more valuable information resource that helps address corporate compliance and litigation support needs.

Speakers: David Houlihan, ESQ Principal Analyst, Blue Hill Research; James Haight Analyst, Blue Hill Research; Dave Packer VP, Product Marketing, Druva

Solution: Converged Data Protection

Connected disconnecting? Rethink end user data backup.

The world of end user data has changed, but has your backup strategy kept pace? Sticking with software that was built for an earlier era can leave vital corporate data not only unprotected, but also at risk for IP loss, damaged reputation, and millions in fines. Organizations require a new solution tailored for today’s mobile workforce.

Speakers: Julio Hernandez, Sr. Consultant and Endpoint Engineer; Tony Piscopo, Technical Account Manager

Solution: Endpoint & Cloud Backup

Finding the Right Prescription for Life Science Companies

Join FDA IT compliance expert Angela Bazigos, Chief Compliance Officer of Morf Media, and Performance Works on this deep-dive to learn how life sciences companies are managing their sensitive data in an environment of increasing risk and regulation. You’ll discover how to protect and manage this data to meet compliance regulations and significantly decrease the risk of data exposure, including that of highly-regulated HIPAA data.

Speakers: Angela Bazigos Chief Compliance Officer, Morf Media; Ken Rosen, Co-Founder of Performance Works; Ron Weismann, CMO of Performance Works

Solution: Converged Data Protection

Where In The World Is Your Sensitive Data? How To Stay Ahead of Data Risks in Today’s Mobile and Cloud World

Enterprises are struggling with the need to provide limitless productivity, while at the same time meet corporate governance obligations. View this session to learn how to automate compliance and data monitoring and get ahead of data risks.

Speakers: Dave Packer VP, Product Marketing. Druva

Solution: Converged Data Protection

Office365 and Cloud Data Sprawl

Join data protection expert Jason Buffington, Sr. Analyst of ESG Research and Seyi Verma, Sr. Product Marketing Manager at Druva as they uncover the new availability and governance challenges of data moving to the cloud and how a user-focused approach can mitigate corporate risks and ensure business continuity.

Speakers: Jason Buffington, Senior Analyst, Enterprise Strategy Group; Seyi Verma, Product Marketing Manager, Druva

Solution: Converged Data Protection

Rethinking Data Availability and Governance in a Mobile World

The emergence of the mobile workforce has left an indelible mark on the enterprise - it has added enormous opportunity for increased productivity, but also muddied the waters when it comes to controlling and protecting valuable data assets. As companies evolve to address the new set of challenges posed by this shift, IT must ensure all data is available and governed just as if it were still safely behind the corporate firewall

Speakers: Eric Kavanagh, CEO, The Bloor Group; Malcolm Chrisholm, President, AskGet.com; Dave Packer, Sr. Director of Product Marketing, Druva

Solution: Converged Data Protection

The State of Data Privacy: Why It’s Becoming More Urgent for IT

Join us for a discussion of the just-released “State of Data Privacy in 2015”. This global survey report examines data privacy protection in the enterprise: how businesses rate their own ability to protect data, and what they’re doing about it, including establishing policies, and educating employees.

Speakers: Diane Hagglund, Principal Analyst, Dimensional Research; Dave Packer, Sr. Director of Product Marketing, Druva

Solution: Secure Enterprise Mobility

New Approaches to Endpoint Backup in Today’s Mobile-Centric World

Join Blue Hill Research Analyst James Haight as he shares the results of his latest research “Replacing Legacy Enterprise Backup Solutions in Today’s Cloud and Mobile-First World.” Based on interviews of organizations who have moved to the cloud for endpoint backup, he details their rationale and results.

Speakers: James Haight, Research Analyst, Blue Hill Research; Seyi Verma, Product Marketing Manager, Druva

Solution: Endpoint & Cloud Backup

Understanding Today’s Global Privacy Requirements for Data Protection in the Cloud

Encryption and security measures are no longer enough to guarantee data privacy in today's ever-changing global landscape. Watch this webinar to learn what recent changes to employee data privacy regulations and data residency laws mean to your business, and how cloud infrastructure is advancing to keep ahead of these challenges.

Speakers: Matt Yanchyshyn, Solutions Architect, Amazon Web Services; Dave Packer, Sr. Director of Product Marketing, Druva

Solution: Secure Enterprise Mobility

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