Druva Annual Ransomware Report: 2017 Survey

Over 800 IT professionals were surveyed to garner insights on how today’s organizations are contending with the ransomware threat. With some surprising results, see how your organization aligns with how they’ve been impacted and are responding.

Solution: Converged Data Protection

Where In The World Is Your Sensitive Data?

Consumers rely on businesses to keep their personal information safe. Too few of those businesses are actively protecting that data. Here’s what’s gone wrong, and how businesses should be responding.

Solution: Converged Data Protection

CIO's Essential Checklist for Cloud Backup

Storing and backing up data in the cloud can bring your company agility and elasticity, but first you need to address the basics of cloud backup, including data encryption, access control, uptime and availability.

Solution: Endpoint & Cloud Backup

Quantifying the Business Impact of Enterprise Endpoint Backup

A recent Forrester study reveals that top companies are leveraging enterprise endpoint backup to drive business objectives. This infographic shows how organizations improved compliance, efficiency and IT productivity while bringing in 195% ROI and saving up to $3.8 million.

Solution: Endpoint & Cloud Backup

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