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Eliminate the complexity of legacy backup and tape vaulting

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The traditional model of multi-tiered server backup is highly inefficient, often involving backups to staging servers, tapes and off-site long-term archives. Phoenix eliminates the inefficiencies (and the skyrocketing storage bills) of legacy solutions with a high-performance, born-in-the-cloud solution that’s built for today’s enterprise needs by natively leveraging public cloud storage infrastructure.

Unified Backup and Archiving with Infinite Retention

Seamless management of hot, warm and cold backups with unrestricted long-term retention dramatically reduces costs and removes the dependency on the cumbersome, error-prone, multi-tiered systems typically in use today.

  • Unified backup, recovery and archiving, removes the need for costly multi-vendor approach
  • Ever-incremental backups provide greater storage flexibility and simplify recovery point management
  • Infinite retention ensures data can be stored securely for decades as required

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Free Yourself from Tape

With industry-first patented global deduplication, parallelized data transfers and object storage, Phoenix’s cloud-based, unified backup/archiving approach enables organizations to efficiently manage data across thousands of servers, cost effectively. Backup data can be seamlessly turned into archive data with an automated move into Amazon Glacier storage.

  • Cost optimized cloud storage eliminates tape backup and long term off-site vaulting
  • High-performance, direct to cloud transfer removes the challenges of backup and recovery
  • Overcomes the traditional, labor-intensive process

Comprehensive Data Security and Privacy

Druva takes a multi-layered approach to securing data that is unmatched in the industry — enabling organizations to address both their data security and regional data privacy requirements.

  • Unique two-factor encryption, as well as data scrambling, ensures your data is properly secured in the cloud, without having to manage keys
  • Your data is inaccessible by Druva at any time, not even under a court order can it be made available
  • Coupled with twelve selectable global AWS storage regions, Phoenix’s security model addresses regional data residency and privacy concerns

Phoenix’s security model addresses regional data residency & privacy concerns with global storage regions

A Trusted Cloud for Your Enterprise Data

To deliver to the highest level of security, uptime, regional support and data redundancy required by our enterprise customers, Phoenix is built on the advanced cloud technologies of Amazon Web Services (AWS), the highest rated and most secure cloud infrastructure available today.

  • Data and systems are protected by AWS’s multiple certifications, including SOC1, SOC2, SOC3, and ISO-27001
  • AWS’s twelve selectable storage regions worldwide (including GovCloud) deliver data durability of 99.99999% with redundant data centers
  • Proven SaaS architecture, trusted by enterprises worldwide utilizing Druva’s top-rated endpoint backup

Extreme Cloud Performance

Phoenix is designed from the ground up to deliver the highest level of data throughput possible — 20 times faster than other products — while also providing the cost and scale efficiencies only the cloud can deliver.

  • 100Mbps transfer speeds ensure you hit defined backup windows
  • Global deduplication maximizes WAN throughput, delivering as high as 1 Gbps effective transfer speeds
  • Intelligent caching delivers LAN-speed transfers for local storage, limited bandwidth or RTO demanding sites

Get an Edge on RTOs and RPOs

On-site Caching for High-speed Backups & Restores

With its unified approach to backup and archiving, Phoenix is ideal for organizations with aggressive RTOs and RPOs, as well as those grappling with bandwidth- constrained remote sites. Phoenix provides hot caching capabilities via Phoenix CloudCache, which delivers a LAN-speed local solution administered seamlessly.

  • Integrated, local caching removes the need for separately managed secondary storage
  • Unified hot, warm and cold management means data moves between tiers automatically, as needed
  • Caching that utilizes global deduplication delivers high-speed multiple backup snapshots for fast recovery

"By putting Druva in place, we now know where our data is, we know its being protected, and we can control and monitor the data within the organization."

- Michael Geest,
Director, Western Europe IT Client Services, COTY

"By putting Druva in place, we now know where our data is, we know its being protected, and we can control and monitor the data within the organization."

- Michael Geest,
Director, Western Europe IT Client Services, COTY

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