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Phoenix Agents

Druva Phoenix is designed to provide efficient backup and archiving of server data directly to the cloud, as well as cloud based Disaster Recovery (DR) for your virtual environments. Effectively protecting server data requires smart integration with multiple structured and unstructured data sources. Phoenix provides the following agents for your heterogeneous server environment:

VMWare Virtual Machines

vCenter Server,

Windows File and Application Servers

Windows File Servers

Linux File and Application Servers

Linux File servers – Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL), RHEL, CentOS

SQL Server

Microsoft SQL Server


Phoenix CloudCache

Phoenix CloudCache provides local data caching to achieve LAN speed backup and recovery. With its flexible scheduling and cache controls, CloudCache delivers hot snapshots (Up to 30 days) on-premise while efficiently utilizing your WAN bandwidth to the cloud.

Key features:

  • Improved RPOs and RTOs
  • 30 days of backups onsite, which are also replicated in the cloud
  • Configurable bandwidth settings for tuning to network needs
  • Flexible scheduling to sync to cloud during off-peak hours
  • Fault tolerant with automatic fail-over to warm backup
Phoenix CloudCache

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