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Built on Druva’s award-winning converged data protection platform, inSync Share delivers a simple, powerful solution for IT to manage secure internal and external file sharing across the enterprise while providing an intuitive, collaborative user experience.

Access, Productivity, and Collaboration

inSync Share provides robust, easy-to-use functionality for the mobile workforce.

  • Quick access for users to all of their data from any device, whether or not that data has been synced
  • One-click secure file transfer with password, expiry, download limits, and tracking
  • Easy collaboration with peer-to-peer and external sharing including permissions control and AD-mapped sharing groups

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Unified Endpoint Data Protection Solution

“inSync allows us to sync and share files while protecting the intellectual property of RWTH Aachen University.”

RWTH Aachen University

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Benefit from a uniform experience, efficient storage, and ultimate control.

  • Integrated backup protects all data from loss
  • Common platform storage, deduplication, and WAN optimization reduce bandwidth and storage requirements
  • Centralized IT management provides full endpoint protection oversight with no additional overhead
  • Single non-intrusive software client with multiple functionalities ensures easy end user adoption

IT Control Over Corporate Data

With inSync Share, IT can ensure data isn’t exposed to unauthorized individuals.

  • Detailed, tamper-proof audit trails of data usage and sharing provide complete IT visibility for compliance
  • Custom group policies allow IT to manage who, where, and how data can be accessed and shared
  • External restrictions can be configured to ensure only trusted groups can share data with outside parties
  • Legal holds can be placed on shared data for managing litigation and downstream eDiscovery needs

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End-to-end Data Security and Privacy

Control and Secure Corporate Data with Druva’s Data Loss Prevention

inSync Share protects shared data against breach and leakage with the strongest enterprise-grade security features.

  • Remote wipe and geo-location for laptops and mobile devices protect against data breach from lost and stolen devices
  • Encryption at rest and in-transit across all devices keeps your data continuously secure
  • Unique two-factor encryption prevents anyone except the customer—even Druva—from accessing data
Virtual Instruments

"With Druva our team can always access their files on the fly."

- Adrian Moreno,
Help Desk Support Specialist, Virtual Instruments
Virtual Instruments

"With Druva our team can always access their files on the fly."

- Adrian Moreno,
Help Desk Support Specialist, Virtual Instruments

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