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Address litigation and investigation needs for mobile and cloud data

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Druva inSync is the industry’s first solution to unify end-user data, so organizations can quickly respond to litigation and investigative requests. By bringing together disparate data sources; laptops, mobile and cloud applications, legal gets a centralized and actionable view to monitor and search for risks, administer legal holds and provide access for downstream eDiscovery processes — all without impacting employee productivity.

Visibility Across All End-user Data

By centrally capturing data and collecting tamper-proof audit trails of data interactions, inSync provides a 360-degree view across endpoints and cloud applications to address legal needs.

  • Centralized end-user data connects and collects from end-user mobile devices and cloud applications so legal teams can easily view and manage end-user data
  • Consolidated data dashboard enables legal teams to monitor and assess data risks and review audit trails for investigative needs
  • Tamper-proof audit trails ensures a chronological view of data activities by users as well as all administrative activities to kept to identify and maintain a clear chain-of-custody

Preserve and Archive End-user Data

Managing data across multiple data sources means that holding and storing data for long term archiving becomes more complex for IT, each system has its unique nuances. inSync enables the organization to centralize the data across sources, by user, and retain it for as long as necessary.

  • Ensure all user data is retained for as long as needed to meet corporate governance obligations
  • Search across data and audit trails historically to identify data necessary for compliance and legal responses
  • Minimize spoliation risks by not having to copy data and removing the chance of accidental deletion or purging when employees leave the company

Investigate and Discover Without Impacting End-users

inSync’s unique approach to collecting data, full-text indexing and efficiently storing it, enables organizations to conduct investigations and understand potential risks without having to involve end-users.

  • Federated, full-text search enables fast, deep-text-searching and identification of information across all users, devices and storage locations
  • Deep mobile forensics using innovative technology means desktop, laptop and mobile-device data (like Android) can be captured to meet data forensic requirements
  • Proactive monitoring provides a mechanism for teams to quickly be notified of potential risks through the automated scanning of end-user data
  • In-place preservation removes the need for exporting to intermediary storage, remote collection and doesn’t impact end-user productivity

Simplified eDiscovery Enablement

inSync is the first mobile and cloud application data protection solution to provide IT and legal administrators a single dashboard for managing legal holds for eDiscovery.

  • Built-in legal hold workflow facilitates the collection and preservation of relevant custodian data for legal teams while maintaining employee productivity
  • Chain of custody reporting ensures data is fingerprinted for authenticity and collected with extended metadata for meeting requirements outlined by the EDRM and Department of Justice
  • Secure eDiscovery file access enables ingestion into an eDiscovery platform directly from the inSync repository for further review by legal teams

"We’re growing rapidly and the governance challenges come up quickly. We need to be able to get ahead of those challenges and Druva is a great solution for that."

- Todd Feist,
CTO, Loenbro

"We’re growing rapidly and the governance challenges come up quickly. We need to be able to get ahead of those challenges and Druva is a great solution for that."

- Todd Feist,
CTO, Loenbro

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