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When laptops and mobile devices are lost or stolen, corporate data is at risk of breach and leakage. #1 rated inSync provides converged data protection capabilities to protect against data loss, so that users can create and access corporate data in diverse locations while organizations can rest assured that data is protected, no matter what happens to devices.

Complete Mobile Data Protection

The mobile workforce accesses data from multiple devices. With industry-leading technology to protect against data loss and breach, inSync helps organizations easily manage and protect their important data across all devices.

  • Flexible, mobile backup protects data from accidental loss
  • Remote wipe, device encryption and geolocation prevent data breach and aid in device recovery
  • Geofencing blocks access to data from unapproved IPs and locations
  • Data segregation aids in separating business and personal data in BYOD environments

Remotely Wipe Corporate Data

Learn About inSync’s Remote Wipe

Lost or stolen mobile devices are the most common source of reported data leaks. inSync provides IT with the necessary tools to safely protect and remotely remove corporate data while meeting the data needs of BYOD environments.

  • Initiate remote wipe manually or with a preconfigured policy allowing time-based auto-delete
  • Selectively wipe only corporate data on BYOD devices, leaving personal data intact
  • Wiping process meets NSA/CSS standards for data removal and disk sanitation

Prevent Unauthorized Access

While remote wipe capability provides compelling safeguards, for an additional layer of security inSync also enables IT administrators to manage device encryption and prevent users from accessing sensitive data when not authorized.

  • Device encryption, leverages built-in device encryption technology, such as Windows Encrypting File System
  • Selective encryption of files and folders eliminates heavy, full-disk encryption without hampering end-users
  • Geofencing provides a way to restrict data access from unallowed geographic regions, while still enabling the collection of device data

Geo-Locate Any Endpoint, At Any Time

Learn About inSync’s Geo-location

When a device is lost or stolen, being able to quickly locate it helps organizations minimize concerns about lost productivity and data vulnerability. With inSync, IT can track the location of any endpoint for quick recovery or remote wipe, reducing the need to replace devices and giving organizations peace of mind.

  • Accurate geo-location tracking within 10-20 meters
  • Google Maps interface provides details such as street, city, state, and country
  • Displays the last-known IP address of every device

"Druva is way more than just backup. It allows us to control the data and put it to use."

- Toru Miyashita,
IT Expert, NetOne

"Druva is way more than just backup. It allows us to control the data and put it to use."

- Toru Miyashita,
IT Expert, NetOne

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