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Integrating data availability and governance for Office 365, Google Apps and Box

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The rapid adoption of cloud apps like Microsoft Office 365 (OneDrive and Exchange Online), Google Apps for Work (Google Drive, Gmail and Google Docs), and Box has created a challenge for IT: to address the risk of data loss and need for governance across multiple data sources. Druva inSync unifies data availability and governance for mobile and cloud apps so enterprises regain control over their users’ data. This ensures that both end-user productivity and corporate governance requirements are met.

Centralized and Comprehensive Information Governance

inSync’s seamless integration with today’s popular cloud apps gives enterprises a single access point for viewing and managing end-user data—eliminating the need to scour multiple disjointed systems. Providing a platform to track, hold, and monitor data, inSync aids in adhering to regulatory compliance obligations and offers a centralized conduit for managing dispersed data to meet corporate governance requirements.

  • Federated search enables administrators to locate any file, across users, devices, and cloud applications
  • Tamper-proof user and admin audit trails provide transparency, traceability, and accountability in support of compliance initiatives
  • Automated compliance management, powered by full text search capabilities and built-in compliance templates (e.g. HIPAA, GLBA, PHI/PII-related), monitors for potential data risks and easily satisfies data regulations
  • Immediate data recovery ensures that accidental end-user deletion of sensitive data across all services is reversible and meets retention obligations

eDiscovery Made Easy

Our eDiscovery Partners

Druva inSync is the first integrated solution that discreetly collects and preserves dispersed enterprise data wherever it resides—including endpoints (laptops and mobile devices) and cloud apps (Office 365, Google Apps for Work, and Box). inSync merges all data sources to provide a single dashboard for managing legal holds. This simplifies the eDiscovery process by providing direct and secure access to data for downstream processing.

  • Investigative access enables IT and legal teams to locate, view, preserve, and collect data without impacting custodians
  • Built-in legal hold workflow facilitates the collection and preservation of relevant custodian data for legal teams
  • Preserve data in-place removes the need for data to be exported first—and ensures no disruption to end-user services
  • Secure file system access enables ingestion into an eDiscovery platform directly from the inSync repository for further review by legal teams

Retain a Long Term Archive of User Data

Managing data across multiple sources makes holding and storing data for long-term archiving more complex, as each system has its unique nuances. inSync enables the organization to centralize and retain data across sources, by user. With inSync, enterprises can:

  • Ensure all user data is retained for as long as necessary to meet corporate governance obligations
  • Search across data and audit trails historically to identify data necessary for compliance responses
  • Keep legally responsive data from accidentally being purged—legal holds preserve data even after employees depart

End-to-End Data Security

Druva Tech Moments: Two Factor Encryption

Druva takes a multi-layered approach to securing data that is unmatched in the industry—and enables organizations to address both their data security and regional data privacy requirements.

  • Digital envelope encryption and data scrambling ensure your data is properly secured in the cloud, without having to manage keys
  • Multiple selectable global AWS and Microsoft Azure storage regions address regional data residency and privacy concerns
  • Your data is never accessible by Druva. Not even under a court order.

"By using Druva inSync, we’re saving 75% of our storage and backups."

- Jorge Mata,

"By using Druva inSync, we’re saving 75% of our storage and backups."

- Jorge Mata,

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