Druva Offers Seamless Data Protection & Workload Mobility to Public Cloud
Without Any Additional Infrastructure

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Druva and Nutanix help achieve:

Everywhere Protection

Backup, archive and protect all data and virtualized workloads whether in your data center, remote offices, or in the cloud

Global Visibility & Access

Visibility and access to data whenever you need it to meet the strictest of security, compliance and governance requirements

Reduce Infrastructure and Cost

Control and contain the spiraling data protection and archival storage costs from personnel, hardware and offsite locations

Unified Cloud Backup, Archival and Disaster Recovery Solutions for Nutanix Workloads.

  • One-click enterprise backup, archival & DR to public cloud without any additional hardware required.
  • Consumption-based pricing with an estimated 60% reduction in Total Cost of Ownership (TCO)
  • Global deduplication of data before it is moved to the cloud, reducing the volume of storage required to protect valuable data
  • Enhanced support for workload mobility and DR, leveraging public cloud infrastructure, providing greater flexibility with replication and data movement.
Unified Cloud Backup, Archival and Disaster Recovery Solutions for Virtual Workloads.
Hyperconverged Data Protection

Hyperconverged Data Protection

Together, Nutanix and Druva enable organizations to achieve a hybrid environment for their data protection needs, with cloud-native scalability, comprehensive backup, disaster recovery and automated archival for organizations of all sizes, across all industries.

Nutanix hyperconverged appliances run on-premises to radically simplify IT infrastructure into a consolidated stack of computing, storage, networking and virtualization resource pools. Druva provides Nutanix customers with direct-to-cloud data protection and backup of hypervisors and virtualized workloads such as VMware vSphere, Nutanix AHV and Nutanix AFS (Acropolis File Services)​.

Partner Guide

Druva and Nutanix – Extending Data Protection to the Public Cloud

The joint Nutanix and Druva integration gives customers a true hybrid cloud data protection solution, delivering the industry’s most simple, secure and cost-effective solution for backup, disaster recovery and archival. How do Nutanix and Druva work together?

Learn how Nutanix and Druva provide workload mobility and data protection with seamless hypervisor-level backup to the cloud for Nutanix NX appliances.


Next Steps

Leveraging the Public Cloud for Enterprise Data Protection

Leveraging the Public Cloud for Enterprise Data Protection

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“What we were interested in was something that was truly born in the cloud and was optimized to handle the efficiencies of cloud…”

-JP Saini, CIO, TRC Companies, Inc.

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