Collaboration for Users with Complete Data Protection

Enhanced mobile productivity unified with backup & data governance

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Your users push the productivity envelope, which puts your data at risk. #1 rated inSync provides a converged data governance and availability solution that meets your users’ productivity needs without compromising your data’s privacy and security.

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User Collaboration With IT Control

Sharing for the company, not just individuals

Collaborative workspaces enable users to centrally and securely access and share files that are relevant for the whole company or teams of users. These files are stored in IT-managed workspaces instead of individually owned, so you don’t have to worry about file ownership, loss, or preservation when individual users leave.

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Share with anyone, internally or externally

Share files securely with internal, as well as external collaborators — including guest accounts with edit permissions, and trackable links that automatically expire.

Control who gets to share and what

With inSync, you can see exactly how users are sharing data with detailed activity trails. Control sharing with the ability to set policies individually or for groups of users. Enable or disable external or mobile sharing, set link expiry, disable downloads, and more.


Anytime, Anywhere, Any Device Access

All your data is just a click away

With real-time access to all of your files from any device, using inSync is like having all your computers with you at all times — all your data is just a click away, no matter which device it’s located on.

Provide a seamless experience

Druva gives users anytime, anywhere data access with a seamless, intuitive experience across all devices and operating systems.


Complete Protection Against Data Risks

Protect against data loss

inSync Share goes beyond access and sync to provide full data protection. Complete data backup protects against data loss, while remote wipe and geolocation prevent breach when devices are lost or stolen.

Exercise 360° data governance

To help you maintain litigation readiness, inSync provides detailed, tamper-proof audit trails and customizable policies for complete governance of your mobile and shared data. Set data retention policies, place legal holds, and export data for eDiscovery with only a few clicks.

Shield from curious eyes

inSync delivers enterprise-grade security for the strongest protection of valuable corporate data. End-to-end encryption prevents unauthorized viewing of data. In the cloud, certified infrastructure secures data, while unique two-factor encryption ensures that no one except you, not even Druva, can access your data.



"Druva is already a big part of our IT security plan, and it’s going to become even more relevant in the future."

- Armin Sturm,
Director of IT, Flex

"Druva is already a big part of our IT security plan, and it’s going to become even more relevant in the future."

- Armin Sturm,
Director of IT, Flex

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