Hit Rewind on Ransomware

Secure Cloud Backup to Ensure Ransomware Recoverability

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Protect and Recover from Ransomware

Data protection for endpoints, cloud applications (Office 365, Box and Google Apps for Work) and servers – optimal for ransomware protection

High performance, efficient backups with granular controls and scheduling – no disruption to end-users or servers

Restore individual uninfected files and return machines and servers to any point in time prior to the ransomware attack

Analyst Report

Gartner’s 5 Best Practices to Protect Against Ransomware

Ransomware has quadrupled since last year and it is estimated to be reach $1B this year. Gartner Research has outlined best practices to better prepare you for an attack and uncovers how modern backup technologies can help.

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Data Protection for Ransomware

Enables automatic, scheduled backups and provides complete control, configurability and accessibility to backup content

Granular Restore

Provides file-level restore capabilities for endpoints and cloud applications to ensure information is never lost and always accessible

Simply Press Rewind

With federated search and audit trails, IT can easily zero-in on infected files and easily take remediation steps

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An Insider’s Guide to Ransomware Preparedness & Recovery

Backup, recovery and security for end-user data and application settings on laptops, smart phones and tablets

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Taking a Proactive Approach to Combat Ransomware

Flexible file-level restores across end-user sources to return compromised data to its original state

“Druva saved us an unbelievable amount of heartache trying to replace lost files after my hard drive was infected by crypto ransomware. Thanks to my IT team and Druva for the quick and efficient rescue.”

– Manager at U.S. Manufacturing company and inSync user