Data Protection & Governance for the Mac

Keep your enterprise data safe and always available on your Mac devices with full control & visibility

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As the mobile workforce grows, enterprises are looking for solutions to protect their data while providing complete visibility and control & all without compromising end-user productivity and experience. That’s why Druva built inSync for the Mac. inSync’s Mac client is the only complete solution providing integrated backup, availability, and governance that’s completely transparent to the end user.

Built from the ground up for the mobile workforce, inSync’s Mac client:

Enable high performance backup

Druva inSync uses the same technology Spotlight uses to detect file modifications thus minimizing system resource usage by up to 40% while providing non-intrusive high performance backups.

System smart experience

Druva inSync delivers the best end-user experience by leveraging presentation mode to avoid end-user interruptions.

Fine-Tuned For the Mac

The native client is fully integrated with no external dependencies on Java, easy to navigate with intuitive controls for customization and shows the status of backup and file sharing immediately.

Scalability and utmost security

Store all your data in the most flexible and highest rated secure cloud infrastructure while staying aligned with regional data regulations, or deploy on-premise.

How It Works

A cloud-oriented architecture (COA) designed to deliver a scalable and secure service to archive, discover and serve information.

Enterprise Scale, Public Cloud Native

Cloud-oriented architecture (COA) designed to deliver a scalable and secure service to archive, discover and serve information.

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Scale-Out Global Deduplication

Druva deduplicates data at the block level globally across all devices, so that only a unique data block is sent to and stored within the Druva system.

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Enterprise Security

Druva provides comprehensive protection of corporate data in the cloud, and leverages the AWS cloud infrastructure, which features numerous industry certifications.

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