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Embrace BYOD with converged data protection

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BYOD doesn’t have to be a data protection headache. Know which devices are accessing corporate data with inSync. Only #1 rated inSync provides full visibility, control, privacy, and security of your corporate data on personal devices.

Gain Visibility & Control Over Your Data

Classify commingled data

inSync cleanly separates corporate and personal data, giving you the ability to backup and remotely wipe only corporate data. You can ensure that corporate assets are protected while giving users the privacy they desire.

Safeguard data on lost devices

Don’t let lost or stolen personal devices be a source of worry for you. Remove all potential of data breach and leakage by monitoring the location of employee-owned devices and remotely wiping corporate data from these devices.

Monitor corporate data effortlessly

With inSync, you always know who is accessing corporate data, which devices they are using, and where they are located. All corporate data created or modified on personal devices is backed up and accessible on the central server.


Give Users Freedom; Don’t Give Up Control

Enable secure productivity from personal devices

Reap the productivity benefits of BYOD by providing secure data access from personal laptops, smartphones, and tablets. Enterprise security with encryption in transit and at rest, as well as full data backup, protect sensitive corporate data.

Provide anytime, anywhere, any device data access

Give your users instant access to their data from all devices. With inSync, a user can create a document on his corporate-issued laptop and then edit it from his personal smartphone, and all data is constantly in sync and protected.


Reduce the Burden of Management

Empower user owned devices

Lower the burden of management by empowering your users to take care of their own needs with an easy-to-use client and features like self-service deploy and restore. Employees can be productive with less calls to the help desk.

Learn About Setting Policies

Centralize and simplify oversight

inSync makes it easy to manage and monitor BYOD data access with centralized administration that lets you view the status of all devices that have inSync enabled and enable BYOD for groups of users based on criteria like job role or department.


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