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Global governance and backup coverage for healthcare research


“We now efficiently manage the full lifecycle of data across time, device and geography. Druva makes this possible.”

Shah Nawaz

Director of IT, Shire

About Shire

Shire/inSync at a glance:

  • Company size: 6,000+
  • Use cases: eDiscovery, endpoint backup
  • Endpoints covered: about 6,000
  • Type of deployment: Cloud
  • Product modules deployed: inSync Backup & Restore, inSync Governance, inSync DLP
  • Favorite capability: Governance

With Druva inSync, Shire significantly reduced its internal footprint to enable eDiscovery and support data recovery requests, making endpoint backup and governance part of their IT DNA.

Shire is global specialty biopharmaceutical company known for manufacturing ADHD treatments.

Maintaining control and visibility in a data trove

Operating in a highly regulated industry, Shire needed their data to be accounted for and available at all times. If data were ever lost or irretrievable, hundreds of millions of dollars would potentially be at stake. Sometimes this was research data, other times it was data from companies they had acquired.

Security was of the utmost importance for how their data was stored, transferred, and hosted. The typical SaaS backup solution did not give them transparency into how their data was stored and hosted in the cloud, nor were they able to make sure it met all necessary legal compliance standards. Often, Shire’s existing eDiscovery processes took four to five days just to locate the data, and then depending on size, it took weeks to months before actually getting their hands on it. On the scale that they were operating and growing, these kinds of turnaround times were prohibitively expensive.

Implementing eDiscovery and endpoint backup

Since deploying inSync country-wide to all its North American divisions, the IT team has freed up a lot of their time and resources. Only one person is needed to deploy inSync on new laptops – whether for replacement or new hires – and the rest of the team can work on different projects, training, or server maintenance. More than 90% of calls for backup support have gone away.

“Since Druva came in, we have given the legal team full access to the inSync eDiscovery module. As a result, we have reduced and rechanneled those resources to do more productive work. This is a compelling value proposition.”

Shah Nawaz

Reducing and rechanneling IT resources

The biggest wins for Shire with Druva inSync have been increased visibility into data and quick access to it for compliance and recovery.

Since inSync was implemented, Shire cut out additional data archival, recovery, and support services. They no longer had to deal with bulk chunks of data for each request, nor the associated costs and could immediately dive right into the specifics of the data they were trying to access. “We recovered our Druva investment in just nine months. There were real savings of money, cost, and time.”

Reducing internal footprint for global data requests

Shire had a very vigorous, nine-month vetting process which included making sure every possible security, privacy and compliance requirement was met. The team needed to make sure their data was protected and accessible within their ecosystem — especially through Legal, Procurement, and HR — and Druva met or exceeded all requirements.

As an R&D company, Shire holds firm to the belief that data is an asset and that it should be reusable. When their researchers are developing new drugs or finding ways to reduce R&D, they often reference previous research. In rolling out inSync globally to their 6,000+ user community, Shire significantly reduced its internal footprint to enable eDiscovery and support data recovery requests – making endpoint backup and governance part of their IT DNA.

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