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Effective backup and data protection automated wherever corporate data resides


“Instead of depending on employees to back up their own devices, we automate the process reliably without disrupting their workflow all while maintaining great data visibility. From an executive mindset, Druva inSync is simple. It just works.”

Dylan Zeleski

Systems Engineer, Netsmart

About Netsmart

Netsmart/inSync at a glance:

  • Company size: 850 employees
  • Endpoints covered: 800 laptops and tablets
  • Druva products used: inSync
  • Favorite feature: replacing endpoint devices with ease

Netsmart provides software to and supports more than 23,000 client organizations, including more than 450,000 care providers and more than 40 state systems. Established in 1968, Netsmart is one of the longest standing IT companies in the US. They focus on creating technology solutions for healthcare.

Automating and simplifying data protection

Protecting data from loss or compromise is vital when dealing with sensitive information in the healthcare industry. Netsmart’s rapid growth in the last three years meant increased chances of human error that could potentially put sensitive data at risk. Due to their rapid growth there was an influx of failed hard drives and lost laptops from their workforce, quickly expanding IT’s workload. As the workload continued to increase there was a clear need to automate endpoint backups, employees were backing up their own devices inconsistently and irregularly if at all.

Additionally, Netsmart’s business processes required them to hold any data for a certain amount of time. But doing so meant manually disabling computers and manually copying this data to another system. To maintain visibility and control of their data, Netsmart was looking for a solution that could automate lengthy backup processes while also maintaining a high level of security for their data, no matter where it resided.

Life with inSync

“inSync reduced our overhead within IT. We spend a lot less time working with the product because it works. We’re saving employee time, and allowing them to do other work instead of focusing on endpoint backups.”

Dylan Zeleski

The deployment of inSync demonstrated immediate benefits from the daily user right up to executive team. Employees were empowered to help themselves rather than creating a ticket just to retrieve a file that was accidently deleted. Through audit logs, the IT team could see that employees were restoring files that they needed on their own, without having to contact IT. This significantly reduced overhead, freeing up IT’s time to focus on other projects. In another instance, an executive accidentally damaged his laptop, but was able to return to full productivity on a new device after a simple restore through inSync.

5 real world benefits of Druva InSync

“The main reason we needed inSync was to automate endpoint backups for our employees and remove the risk of their data not being protected.”

Dylan Zeleski

With Druva inSync, Netsmart gained:

  • Visibility into where data is stored
  • Security of knowing end user data is protected
  • Peace of mind knowing corporate data is accessible for eDiscovery
  • Reduction in IT time spent onboarding, off boarding, and supporting users
  • A reliable backup solution that doesn’t affect endpoint device performance

Why Druva?

“Instead of depending on employees to back up their own devices, we automate the process reliably without disrupting their workflow all while maintaining great data visibility.”

Dylan Zeleski

Using inSync, Netsmart automated endpoint backup for all their employees and removed the risk of them not backing up at all.

The simplicity and ease of deployment of inSync also figured heavily in Netsmart’s decision: “Druva was the easiest one to set up. I didn’t even look at the documentation when I installed it the first time.”

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