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MoneySuperMarket is in the money with Druva to empower its mobile workforce


“The Druva interface is so easy to use, so intuitive. You don’t really need to have any training to know how to use it.”

Martin Millward

Desktop Infrastructure Engineer, MoneySuperMarket

About MoneySuperMarket

MoneySuperMarket had three major requirements for a new backup solution:

  1. Reliability: Able to handle the inefficient network and frequent interruptions experienced by mobile workers.
  2. Visibility: Centralized reporting to provide insight into all backup and restore processes, regardless of device location.
  3. Usability: For both IT and end users, such as central management of all aspects of backup and restores, and easy-to-use interface and self restore for end users across all devices and operating systems.

MoneySuperMarket provides online price comparison services for a variety of financial products, including mortgages, insurance, and loans. The company has multiple locations within the U.K. and some employees travel as part of their role, while others have flexible work arrangements that allow them to work from home. As a result, MoneySuperMarket needed a dependable backup solution for its employees’ important business data that minimized the amount of physical access to the devices required by IT and a way to centrally manage backup and restore processes across all devices from any location.

MoneySuperMarket had a backup solution in place for laptops and desktops, but it was labor intensive and not practical for such a dispersed workforce. Simple processes like restoring data required IT to have physical access to the device, so they could log in as the user and then manually restore the necessary data. There was also no central reporting, which meant that IT had no visibility into the status of backups. If a user turned off the backup process on their device or a backup failed to complete, there was no way for IT to know. As a result, it wasn’t uncommon to log into a device to initiate a restore, only to discover that the needed data had not been backed up.

After an extensive of evaluation of well-known data protection vendors, MoneySuperMarket selected Druva inSync to provide the protection it required. Data is securely backed up, regardless of device location or network quality, and IT can easily keep track the status of backup processes across the organization.

Druva inSync was a simpler solution for both IT and end users right from the start

Highlights of inSync at MoneySuperMarket

  1. No impact on local network or workforce during roll out
  2. Employees quickly learned to self provision
  3. Data protection program extended to smartphones and tablets
  4. Easy device refreshes

“[inSync is] Easy to use. Users like it, we like it. The highest praise I can give it is that I’m happy and eager to show people how easy it is to use and everyone I know that’s seen it has felt the same.”

Martin Millward

MoneySuperMarket initially deployed users in groups of 50 and leveraged Active Directory integration. Unlike their previous solution that required IT to have physical access to the devices, inSync could be deployed regardless of where devices were located. IT staff closely monitored network performance during the initial deployment groups but thanks to features such as global deduplication and WAN optimization, they did not experience any noticeable effect on overall network performance.

The company’s workforce quickly learned to use the inSync client. Today employees are able to restore their own data and resume their work; they no longer have to give IT physical device access to bring back lost data or manage the backup client. “The Druva interface is so easy to use, so intuitive. You don’t really need to have any training to know how to use it.“ Central reporting provides visibility into the status of backups across all devices, as well as insight into restores, giving IT the assurance that corporate data is protected.

inSync’s backup of both personal device settings as well as data eases the burden of device refreshes for IT staff. New devices can be commissioned quickly, regardless of the type of device or operating system. If the new devices experience hardware issues, such as a failed hard drive in one new laptop, they can easily restore the data to another device, getting the user back to work quickly. With inSync, MoneySuperMarket IT staff are able to spend less time managing backup and restore processes and instead focus on more strategic initiatives.

With inSync, MoneySuperMarket no longer has concerns about the protection of its mobile data. Regardless of where an employee may physically be located, there is peace of mind that corporate data is backed up and available centrally if required. They have also begun expanding their device usage – some employees are now using smartphones and tablets, and with inSync, corporate data on those devices can be protected as well.

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