Merz Pharma keeps its mobile data safe with Druva inSync

Based in Frankfurt, Germany, Merz Pharma UK is a pharmaceutical enterprise specializing in neuroscience and aesthetic medicine. With a large mobile workforce that travels throughout the country and relies on enterprise endpoint devices, Merz must provide the highest level of security possible while also providing employees with on-demand access to data.

The Challenge

“From a data availability perspective, Druva inSync is incredible.”

Patrick Burgess

IT & Communications Manager, Merz Pharma UK Ltd.

Mobile devices are often at risk for loss or damage, and these devices house critical and confidential data. Merz Pharma needed to securely backup the data on the devices while also limiting loss of productivity for employees needing to replace a lost or damaged device.

Merz Pharma used a legacy PC backup solution to protect data in-house, but since this required devices to be on-premise at the time of backup, it wasn’t an efficient solution for a workforce that was on-the-go. A new company-wide disaster recovery initiative provided Merz Pharma the opportunity to analyze what it needed to best protect its mobile data. The company identified two main requirements:

  • On demand access to data for mobile employees
  • Highest possible security to protect sensitive data

Druva inSync

“Druva exceeded expectations. Their approachability has been key; it is easy to reach and talk to support.”

Patrick Burgess

IT & Communications Manager, Merz Pharma UK Ltd.

Merz Pharma chose inSync to provide the security and availability it required. Mobile devices are backed up securely while employees are on the road, and employees could ensure that their data could be recovered when necessary. inSync provides:

  • Multi-dimensional security features, including 256-bit TLS encryption for data in transit and 256-bit AES for data in storage
  • Additional strict access controls, single sign-on, and third party auditing of inSync’s procedures for strongest security available
  • WAN optimization, so that Merz Pharma employees can consistently back up their data on the road
  • Application-aware, client-side deduplication, which ensures that only single copies of files are kept, providing substantial storage savings and reducing the amount of data sent with each backup
  • On-demand data restore via a web portal, allowing employees the ability to restore their own data, when and where they need it

Anytime, Anywhere

“Druva inSync is a life saver. When a manager leaves his or her device at home, he or she can still access data instantly. The benefits are obvious to users.”

Patrick Burgess

IT & Communications Manager, Merz Pharma UK Ltd.

Since implementing inSync, Merz Pharma’s mobile workforce has been able to consistently back up their devices and restore lost data when necessary, from wherever they are in the country. As a result, the amount of time and productivity lost after data or equipment loss has been reduced and employees are able to stay in the field. Additional improvements include:

  • Client-side deduplication has provided about 70% in storage savings
  • IT staff are able to centrally manage endpoint data from a web console, reducing the overhead of managing an endpoint solution

Now that inSync has been implemented, Merz Pharma has a disaster recovery solution that meets its requirements and guarantees that its employees have the access to the data they need, whenever and wherever they need it.

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