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Leica Microsystems magnifies protection of its research data with Druva

“It’s very rare to have something in the IT portfolio which is loved by both the end user and IT but that’s the case with inSync.”

Oliver Barner

European IT Services Manager, Leica Microsystems

Druva inSync at Leica Microsystems

  • Central protection and visibility of laptop data
  • Flexible settings for regional privacy law compliance
  • Superior ease-of-use for both end users and IT

Leica Microsystems is a life sciences company that makes cutting edge microscopes and scientific instruments that can be found in settings as varied as clinical and life science research laboratories to the manufacturing industry to classrooms around the world. Based in Germany, Leica Microsystems has over 4,000 employees and a presence in more than 100 countries. With broad global operations, the company has to manage its data in a way that ensures its valuable intellectual property (IP) is protected as well as held in a way that is compliant with a web of laws and regulations.

As a life sciences company, Leica Microsystems’ employees work with data that includes sensitive medical information in addition to research data. This data is heavily regulated, and with worldwide operations, must also be held in a way that follows an entire range of regional data privacy laws. For example, this includes the ability to track devices in some areas but not others, or limiting access to data within a particular region. And in cases of compliance or legal issues, they must be able to preserve end user data from any location around the world on legal hold.

“inSync provides the end user a very seamless experience, there is nothing that the users have to take care of, and it is very, very reliable.”

Oliver Barner

Lack of control over laptop data was the driving factor behind Leica Microsystems’ initial search for a data protection solution. With a large number of sales and service employees working remotely, it was challenging for IT to make sure the that data on employee devices was secured and protected. Users were supposed to back up their own devices using custom software, but they did this infrequently, if at all. And it wasn’t uncommon in cases of lost or stolen devices, that the external device containing the backup data was also stored in the same bag, thus disappearing at the same time as the device.

With so many roaming users, ease of use was also a key consideration for Leica Microsystems. Employees had to be able to manage their data restores independently, since they were infrequently in the same location as IT. Any solution implemented had to be very user friendly, giving the company and its employees the confidence that data was protected without requiring users to deal with complicated bells and whistles.

Regaining control of sensitive data with Druva inSync

Leica Microsystems selected Druva inSync to provide centralized data protection across the entire organization. With inSync, data is automatically backed up without user involvement, ensuring that valuable IP and other data is protected and not at risk if a device is lost or hard drive crashes. This seamless operation is critical with mobile workers who are often on the road. Beyond meeting this critical need, inSync also met the company’s other requirements:

  • Regional administration enables flexibility, ensuring that Leica Microsystems is compliant with regulations in different locations.
  • User self service means that workers on the road or in remote offices are able to access data and get back to work quickly in cases where a device is lost or damaged.
  • Legal hold capabilities to preserve data for when compliance or legal issues arise.

Designed for global enterprises, inSync’s flexibility allows Leica Microsystems to configure the platform to the needs of a particular region. For instance, German data privacy regulations prohibit the company from using geo-location to track laptops in the country, but in other places, such as the U.S., it’s part of the company’s strategy to combat lost or misplaced devices. “It’s great that we can tailor the solution when it comes to these sorts of features.”

With five separate storage nodes worldwide, the company assigns administrators to specific regions, allowing those individuals to manage local inSync administration, such as end user deployment. “The roll out of clients and profiles is run by the local teams in that country, so admins in Australia manage the Australian profile. They roll out to whomever they need to and they manage the profile, but they don’t manage the full inSync implementation.” This segregation of administrative tasks also makes it possible for Leica Microsystems to comply with regional data privacy laws that require access limitations to individuals within the specific region, since they can limit regional administrators from viewing data stored in another region.

With inSync, Leica Microsystems’ employees are more self sufficient, important in a large company with so many locations. Many of the company’s remote offices have no in-house IT personnel, and new machines are deployed from one of two staging locations. But for workers who need a replacement device quickly, the IT team stocks spare laptops in remote offices. While employees are waiting for their new devices to arrive, they can pull a spare off of the shelf, log into inSync, and have access to all of their data. And because of inSync’s ability to restore settings as well as data, when their new permanent device arrives, the operating environment looks identical to the original device it replaced.

On a daily basis, the company’s employees are able to restore their own data as needed and most of the time the IT team isn’t even involved. Plus employees use the inSync apps on their smartphones and tablets to access their laptop data, ensuring that they can get to the data they need at any point. “inSync provides the end user a very seamless experience, there is nothing that the users have to take care of, and it is very, very reliable.”

Global companies are challenged today to meet objectives that are often seemingly in conflict. For Leica Microsystems, partnering with Druva has made it possible to address these challenges, “It’s very rare to have something in the IT portfolio which is loved by both the end user and IT but that’s the case with inSync.”

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