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Delivering enterprise grade data backup and protection when you need it most


“We have no help desk calls about lost files anymore. The time spent managing lost devices has reduced significantly.”

Frank Allen

IT Director, Legrand

About Legrand

Legrand/inSync at a glance:

  • Company size: 2,600+
  • Use cases: endpoint backup
  • Endpoints covered: 450
  • Type of deployment: Cloud
  • Favorite features: comprehensive dashboard; ease of new user deployment via Excel

“This data is money, so we need to control and manage it.”

Frank Allen

Legrand is the leading provider of products and systems for electrical installations and information networks. With its North American division established in 2002, the company’s core businesses include Pass & Seymour, Wiremold, Cablofil, Ortronics, Watt Stopper, On-Q, and Vantage.

A lost device has many hidden costs

Prior to having any formal recovery processes in place, the loss of laptops and other mobile devices was usuaally written off. But, over time as these losses slowly accumulated, Legrand executives soon realized that they were losing more than just the hardware; they were losing the valuable and irreplaceable data on them too: contacts, research, and isolated files that were saved exclusively on those endpoints.

To combat this, Legrand’s corporate IT team, which was responsible for all the data in the corporation regardless of location, set up internal backup processes. The process was very labor intensive and depended on the employees remembering to do it. It ended up being adopted by some of the more tech savvy users and ignored by most. With their workforce becoming progressively more mobile, they needed a way to control and protect all the data that was being stored on these mobile devices.

Taking IT into IT’s hands

Because inSync worked invisibly in the background, they didn’t even realize that all of their important files were effortlessly and continuously being backed up.

Since deploying inSync country-wide to all its North American divisions, the IT team has freed up a lot of their time and resources. Only one person is needed to deploy inSync on new laptops – whether for replacement or new hires – and the rest of the team can work on different projects, training, or server maintenance. More than 90% of calls for backup support have gone away.

A week after deployment a work laptop was stolen but IT was able to shut it down remotely so that it would be wiped if it got turned back on. IT then restored all of the user’s data and settings onto a new laptop. A few months later during a major acquisition, inSync came to the rescue of an HR executive who had accidentally overwritten a file that was a product of more than a week’s work.

Why Druva?

“That’s the beauty of Druva. No one knows it’s running the background, but it delivers when you need it most. Having inSync is like having a cellphone. You shouldn’t go out of the office without a cellphone. You shouldn’t go out of the office with your laptop without inSync on it.”

Frank Allen

Legrand was impressed by the ease of deployment and rollout of inSync for their workforce. Through a simple Excel upload, all new accounts could get set up with inSync.

The actual inSync solution itself worked so seamlessly in the background of the various devices without affecting CPU performance or network bandwidth that their users didn’t even feel its presence until they needed to.

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