America’s Leading Universities Choose Druva inSync to Protect Critical Data on Laptops

UC Davis
University of Southern California
Carnegie Mellon University

Leading U.S. educational institutions look to Druva to protect and back up their valuable data. Our customer list includes prestigious schools such as Harvard, Duke, Brown, Johns Hopkins and UC Davis. What these fine institutions have in common is the proliferation of devices among faculty, staff, and students, causing a data explosion across U.S. campuses.

The Challenge

“With inSync I can just walk in, administer backups based on the centralized administration and reporting system and walk out.”

Dave Underwood

Principal IT Specialist, Division of Agriculture and Natural Resources, UC Davis

  • Critical research data is stored on laptops and only on laptops as primary work system
  • Multiple platforms call for a heterogeneous solution
  • Lack of uniform backup and security policies across departments, campuses and mobile staff members
  • Difficulty of deployment and administration of backup and restore policies
  • Exploding storage growth across different campuses
  • Continuous threat of unauthorized access
  • Limited IT budget

The sheer volume of data and a need to maintain long-term records necessitate a secure and reliable backup solution that has low network overhead and is scalable enough to handle rapid data growth. Additionally, the solution must use little storage space, while maintaining multiple versions of records.

With a diverse workforce spread across independent campuses and departments that have differing standards for backup, user adoption, policy management, and troubleshooting add to the data backup and management concerns. Some features that universities consider critical in their backup solution include:

  • Centralized administration of backup and retention policies
  • Deduplication to save storage
  • Smart bandwidth usage, especially over WAN networks
  • Secure backup and restore over WAN
  • Scalability of solution for handling critical data growth

The Solution

“This product has a much more user-friendly interface. The new version will allow faculty and staff to back up their files while not on the UC Berkeley campus.”

Walt Hagmaier

Director of Information Services and Technology, UC Berkeley

The Department of Agriculture at University of California, Davis selected Druva inSync as their automated data backup solution. The simple interface encouraged easy adoption, while data deduplication technology reduced storage and bandwidth overheads, making backups both fast and invisible. Druva inSync allows secure remote backups saving bandwidth and storage without compromising administrative and policy controls.

Druva inSync features patent-pending app-aware data deduplication technology, which means faster backups and 90% bandwidth and storage savings. An innovative WAN Optimization Engine ensures that backups work efficiently on any network.

Druva inSync allows users to restore data on their iOS and Android devices with a restore application designed specifically for these endpoint extensions. Users can securely view and access their previously backed up data from any point in time, enabling secure instant access to enterprise data.

Military-grade security of backups ensures that universities can fully address data security concerns while quick and multiple restore options empower users with ready access to their data, wherever they are.

The Results

“Druva inSync is easy to set up and manage with low overheads on bandwidth and system resources. The deduplication is great for saving storage.”

Dave Underwood

Principal IT Specialist, Division of Agriculture and Natural Resources, UC Davis

Storage Savings: By deploying inSync, several universities achieved storage savings of up to 80%.

WAN Optimized Backups: Druva inSync considers the available network bandwidth and uses only a reserved percentage for backup as specified by the administrator. This feature allows remote users to back up their critical data despite having limited connectivity.

Military-Grade Security to prevent data loss and leakage: Druva inSync features military-grade security, which makes backup and restore bulletproof. 256-bit TLS encryption ensures that the data is always secure on-wire. A 256-bit AES encryption standard at the storage layer prevents even the administrator from tampering with data.

Centralized Administration for branch offices and mobile workforce: Druva inSync has a powerful reporting engine and an interactive management console which allows the administrator to centrally view, track and schedule remote user backups for the most opportune times.

Simple Installation, Low Maintenance: Druva inSync has a simple 20-minute setup and requires almost zero maintenance, freeing up IT administrators for more important or pressing tasks. Client updates are automatic and can be pushed out seamlessly, without impact to end user productivity.

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