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Backup flexible enough for changing policies and consistent enough for reliable performance

General Conference of SDA

“Before inSync, users were always complaining about the [other product’s] backup failure errors. It’s nice to know that clients have regained their warm fuzzy feelings, thanks to Druva. It definitely gives us all peace of mind”

Charles Mendoza

Senior Network Engineer, General Conference Seventh-Day Adventist Church

About General Conference of SDA

General Conference of SDA/inSync at a glance:

  • Company size: 600+
  • Use cases: endpoint backup
  • Endpoints covered: 420+ mobile devices, 300+ laptops and desktops
  • Type of deployment: Hybrid (Cloud + CloudCache)
  • Product modules deployed: inSync Backup & Restore, inSync DLP, inSync File Share
  • Favorite capability: CloudCache

“It was frustrating. Most of the time our customers weren’t even in the office long enough for the backup job to finish. Occasionally, we donated laptops to our members and even hardware refreshes were painful.”

Charles Mendoza

At the world headquarters for the General Conference of Seventh-Day Adventist Church rests the heart of the organization’s communication hub. The church has the same operational needs as any global enterprise, with departments such as legal, accounting, and communications supporting a network of about 600 employees at headquarters. These employees interact with thousands of members located all over the world.

Moving on from a retiring and clunky backup solution

When it was announced that their existing backup solution was reaching its “end of life,” General Conference of SDA’s IT team faced a difficult situation. Over the years, they had invested heavily in that backup infrastructure even as it was barely meeting all their growing needs.

With a new disaster recovery objective in place, they found themselves constantly adding more storage to fulfill their 2-year data retention policy. The winding down and the solution’s lack of flexibility, which impaired their backup initiatives, were the final straws. It was time to find a new contender.

Switching over to “Hybrid” backup with CloudCache

“The corporate option in Druva with the unlimited storage on Amazon S3 was a huge game changer and CloudCache sealed the deal for me.”

Charles Mendoza

After some research, Charles came across a Gartner Report that ranked Druva inSync #1 for endpoint backup. Some key requirements he was looking for were:

  • The ability to handle their unpredictable data growth now that the 2-year retention policy was in place
  • Compatibility and support for multiple operating systems (e.g. Windows, iOS, Linux)
  • Affordability, security, and reliability

For General Conference of SDA, a “Hybrid” inSync deployment made the most sense, allowing them to utilize both the cloud and CloudCache (an on-premise server). The CloudCache server allows their tech teams to prepare or upgrade laptops quickly and efficiently by “seeding” the backup to the cloud.

Peace of mind for global backup

“We wanted something solid that was proven and worked well; and we found it!”

Charles Mendoza

Now, General Conference of SDA’s data syncs safely from the cache server to the cloud, eliminating worry about poor internet connections that might disrupt the backup process. “Now that we have the CloudCache server, we can triple the amounts of deployments. Even when we are done with the deployment we love having the cache server because of how quick the process is to copy or sync data for travelling staff.” — Charles Mendoza.

Charles was able to win over even the most skeptical experts on his support team with the capabilities that Druva inSync offered because they were able to back up VIP accounts easily and successfully.

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