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“The beauty of Druva inSync is they can control and govern the collected data on Druva Cloud.”

Shinji Saito, Chief Information Security Officer, cloudpack

About cloudpack

Tokyo-based cloudpack provides fully managed services for Amazon Web Services (AWS) products, including Amazon EC2, RDS, and S3, from system design and implementation to operation and support. cloudpack’s services extend from installation of operating systems and middleware, to 24-hour service and resource monitoring/handling tasks, such as backups, restores, and technical support.

With such a wide array of offerings, cloudpack must ensure the data integrity of many customers from multiple industries. Shinji Saito, CISO at cloudpack, said the company needed to find and implement a full backup, archiving and recovery solution for the massive amount of client data it handled in the cloud. cloudpack also needed granular user and admin data-access controls. “We wanted to have the ability to have rapid recovery with files as well as elasticity and scalability, all in the cloud,” Saito explained. “Using cloud storage, we could let our users handle important corporate data.”

Looking for a cloud-based backup solution

cloudpack solved its backup issues with Druva inSync, which provided data protection, visibility, and governance. With comprehensive backup, recovery, and archival, inSync minimizes risks with full data visibility, access, and compliance monitoring. The inSync solution allowed cloudpack to search, collect, and preserve data in place to support legal and compliance needs for governing corporate data and support data loss prevention (DLP), legal hold, and eDiscovery in the cloud.


  • Concerns about critical customer information loss and recovery from data corruption
  • Frustrating lack of granular admin and user access controls
  • Difficulty finding a scalable solution to meet the massive data demands for their clients


  • Druva inSync provides cloudpack with a cloudnative scale-out data protection solution that they could roll out to their clients

Results with Druva

  • All cloudpack client data is now centrally managed with a globally scalable cloud backup and recovery service
  • Cloud storage enables rapid search and discovery of information to align with eDiscovery and compliance needs
  • Japanese translated admin documentation dramatically accelerated the implementation and saved the cloudpack team a great deal of time
  • Global deduplication provided dramatically improved network traffic efficiency

Druva inSync delivers full-service data protection

Saito said cloudpack was able to provide the full range of cloud-native data protection services its clients need by leveraging Druva inSync. “With these features, you sometimes wonder if you need to back up data on cloud storage,” Saito said. “But the beauty of Druva is they can control and govern the collected data on the Druva cloud.”

The idea of achieving a scalable data protection solution for central visibility and governance can be daunting, Saito said, but inSync covered all these features. “It seems a bit scary that IT administrators can have access to personal data, but Druva has control over this part as well, and it’s also audit-logged.”

“Druva’s Japan engineer has accomplished this localized work with a huge effort and dedication.”

Shinji Saito, Chief Information Security Officer, cloudpack

“Druva also provided unbelievable localized Japanese documents,” Saito added. “There are a total of 487 pages in the Japanese localized administrator manual for inSync. Druva’s Japan engineer has accomplished this localized work with a huge effort and dedication.”

The inSync application enabled deduplication that saved cloudpack time and bandwidth in managing data. “For deduplication, if there is duplicated data on backup, targeted storage, they don’t send data to the targeted storage. They figure out which data has been backed up already. For server-side deduplication, we can compress stored data, but when it comes with client-side deduplication, we can also save network bandwidth,” Saito said. “It’s so nice!”

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