Capita’s infrastructure scales to meet its growing mobile data needs

Capita is a leading business process outsourcing and professional services company engaged in delivering back office administration and front office customer contact services to private and public sector organizations. Capita has a workforce of around 52,500 employees, about 40% of which work remotely.

The Challenge

“Over 40% of our users work remotely, so I was concerned about user adoption, policy management and troubleshooting.”

Terry Walton

Senior Technician, Capita

Capita employees generate an enormous amount of data and the company experiences a 50-60% data increase each year. Each user has an average of 6GB of data, mostly email and Office documents. With so much data and so many mobile employees, data loss was a significant problem for Capita.

Loss happened for a couple of reasons: Mobile devices are more prone to loss or damage and once gone, Capita didn’t have a consistent way to recover the device’s data. Users also experienced data loss and leakage during backup and restoration with their previous solution, as well as substantial performance degradation. Capita needed a backup solution that would fit its mobile needs and ensure that corporate data was protected and recoverable in case of loss.

In order to meet its internal requirements, Capita had to store its data centrally. In addition, the company identified several other primary backup needs:

  • Strongest possible security to protect data integrity
  • Scalable infrastructure to handle the growing amount of data
  • User friendly and invisible to the end user

inSync On-Premise

“We needed a secure but low-overhead networked solution.”

Ian Gates

Director of Group IT, Capita

Capita chose inSync to meet its growing data needs. Data is consistently and securely backed up, and available for self restore by users whenever necessary. inSync accomplishes this through:

  • WAN optimization and bandwidth throttling, which allows inSync to best use available network resources and limits how much of those resources are devoted to the backup process
  • Global app-aware, client-side deduplication, which ensures that only single copies of files are kept, reducing the amount of data backed up and sent over the network
  • Multiple layers of security provides Capita with end-to-end data protection. 256-bit encryption for data in storage and in transit, plus controls such as two-factor encryption and single sign-on capabilities, ensure that the data has the best security possible
  • Scalable design with the ability to support up to 10,000 users per server
  • Centralized deployment and administration to reduce IT staff overhead
  • Single web portal for users gives them a unified experience regardless of device and allows them to self-restore data when necessary

Scalable Protection

“I have it installed on my laptop. It’s simple, fast and totally nonintrusive. It’s working very smoothly, just as I hoped.”

Ian Gates

Director of Group IT, Capita

Since implementing inSync, Capita’s data is consistently backed up and the company’s mobile workforce experiences little impact during backups and can restore its data on demand. Notable improvements include:

  • Client-side deduplication has provided about 71% in storage savings
  • Backups take an average of 7 minutes per device, are invisible to the end user and can be conveniently scheduled
  • With average daily data growth of 5-7%, new storage can be easily allocated when necessary

Now that it has a complete backup solution, Capita is able to centrally support its dispersed workforce and provide its data the protection it requires. As Capita’s data continues to grow, inSync will scale with its needs.

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