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Streamlining IT’s efforts to manage and control data backup and restores


“With the [inSync] mobile app, our users have become less dependent on having their laptops around all the time, which is great. They can go to any device anywhere, log on to inSync and view their presentations.”

David Olbrys

Senior IT Projects Manager, Cabot Corporation

About Cabot Corporation

Cabot/inSync at a glance:

  • Company size: Approximately 4,600
  • Use cases: endpoint backup
  • Endpoints covered: about 2,010 (laptops, tablets)
  • Type of deployment: On-Premise
  • Product modules deployed: inSync Backup & Restore, inSync Governance, inSync DLP, inSync File Share
  • Favorite capability: centralized control for IT; deduplication

inSync’s mobile app has helped Cabot’s employees be less dependent on their laptops. Their files are confidently backed up and accessible anytime they need them on the go.

Cabot Corporation is a specialty chemicals and performance materials company headquartered in Boston, Massachusetts, USA. The company is a leading provider of rubber and specialty grade carbons, activated carbon, fumed silica, cesium formate drilling fluids, inkjet colorants, aerogels, and elastomer composites.

Global expansion with limited visibility

At Cabot, IT’s responsibilities are two fold. They are in charge of client technologies — which includes managing backups and disaster recovery — as well as global infrastructure security which covers firewalls, encryption, content management, and antivirus protection. The company operates more than 40 sites in over 20 countries, and before inSync, the backup product they had in place had no enterprise monitoring capabilities. This meant they were unable to see how accurately their backups were running and whether or not there were any failures. Additionally, their users were able to tweak settings as they wanted, making IT’s streamlining efforts obsolete.

On placing the onus on end users to handle their own backup before Druva inSync, David shares, “On a good day, you had six or ten backups done — even if they didn’t follow the rules. Sometimes they got zero done and we had to hunt down these users to make sure they did it.”

Everywhere coverage: from backup to restores

Since rolling out inSync, being able to have everything controlled from a centralized location has kept users from tampering with the backup processes. It has also given IT the ability to create monthly remediation reports to ensure employees are backed up properly.

“That’s the most important. The ability to back up data is the number one reason we use inSync.”

David Olbrys

In one instance, a bad Microsoft Internet Explorer patch blue-screened 26 of their laptops indiscriminately and destroyed them. On top of that, the encrypted data was not recoverable. “That made the situation very challenging. Had we not had Druva inSync, we would not have been able to recover the data. The people whose laptops were destroyed in this incident were very happy we had a complete backup of the system to retrieve their data.”

When the IT team at Cabot rolled out the Druva inSync FileShare capability, it effectively replaced the personal sharing services employees had previously utilized. With the inSync mobile app, which is available to employees with a Cabot-issued device, they have become less dependent on having their laptops around all the time because they know they can easily access their files anywhere from any wireless-enabled device by logging on to inSync to view their presentations.

Where inSync stood apart

“The product itself is lean and doesn’t put a burden on laptops like other products we’ve seen…it’s just a fabulous product.”

David Olbrys

The 100% web interface, centralized administrative control, fast backup times and global deduplication were just some of the benefits that were cited as contributing to Cabot’s decision to go with Druva inSync. For David, having flexibility built into the product to do different things instead of predefined actions made a huge difference.

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