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Bethesda Ministries Covers It All with Druva inSync

Bethesda Ministries
Peter Beringer, Systems Engineer I, Bethesda Ministries

“If you want something that works and makes your life easier, inSync is the product for you.”

Peter Beringer

Systems Engineer I, Bethesda Ministries

About Bethesda Ministries

Colorado-based non-profit Bethesda Ministries has a philosophy they call “Business for Benevolence.” This means that they operate a lean business model where any income beyond accrued costs are given to charity – mainly to One Child Matters, which helps children in poverty-stricken areas around the world. The company is an umbrella organization with four divisions operating underneath it, in ventures as varied as real estate, senior living homes and radio stations. These organizations don’t operate completely independently – the overarching Bethesda company provides centralized support for many business aspects, including all IT needs.

This means that the IT team at Bethesda is responsible for supporting diverse, geographically distributed organizations with very different objectives. For instance, within the senior living homes, there is frequent employee turnover, meaning IT must have the ability to verify all data is collected and available after the employee leaves the organization. Employees within some Bethesda organizations are dealing with highly sensitive data that is protected under PCI DSS and HIPAA regulations. And with a very small IT team, there is a strong need to not just operate as a lean organization, but to make smart choices that best leverage the resources that are available.

The Bethesda team struggled to put a data protection solution in place that would work across all of their varied organizations. By using software to create whole disk images on a regular schedule, they were able to make sure that there was some ability to get data back after a failure. But, while functional, this only worked for devices that were on-premise and with limited amounts of data. For those employees needing to work remotely or with larger amounts of data, the entire process became much more difficult to manage.

Enterprise Focus, Simplified Protection with inSync

“We saw full deployment in about a week. I couldn’t believe that it went that fast, and smoothly.”

Peter Beringer, Systems Engineer I, Bethesda Ministries

When it came time to renew their existing backup solution, the Bethesda team assessed other options, looking to make the entire data protection process more effective and straightforward. After evaluation, they determined that inSync was more cost effective and full featured than their current product. This was based on several key factors, including:

  • Built for enterprises with a robust, scalable and secure infrastructure and tool set geared toward IT needs.
  • Centralized administration that let the small IT team easily manage the entire service across all of the company’s disparate locations.
  • Public cloud deployment providing availability, reliability and scalability, easily ensuring the company’s needs are met as it grows.
  • Integrated file sharing with IT-managed workspaces, making it easier for employees to securely share data with co-workers and reducing the amount of data IT manages on separate file servers.

As a non-profit, resources at Bethesda are carefully managed and it’s imperative that they choose the right tools for their needs. For inSync, this meant the product was built with IT in mind, not that the enterprise functionality was tacked on afterwards as with other products they had tried. Explained by Peter Beringer, Systems Engineer I at Bethesda, “inSync was designed from the ground up for enterprises – it wasn’t built for consumers – and knowing it is built on such a robust platform is a great comfort to us.” This enterprise-first approach meant that inSync simplified data protection within Bethesda at all levels – from dependable backups to self-service restores and flexible data access, all with IT oversight.

Centralized administration was crucial to the Bethesda team. With inSync’s management console, it’s easy for both the IT and Helpdesk teams to make sure data is protected as required. End-users are able to self restore when needed but for less savvy users, the helpdesk can initiate restores remotely, eliminating the previous cumbersome process of logging into desktops in order to restore lost data.

Public cloud deployment was another factor that led inSync to be the right solution for Bethesda. The public cloud provides the reliability, security and availability of an expansive infrastructure without straining the already strapped IT team. Bethesda is trying to move more of their services to the cloud, an opportunity they see as providing cost-effective stability and agility, while getting them out of the hardware replacement cycle. By deploying inSync within AWS, the IT team can focus their efforts on managing the solution, not the storage, and it also means that as end-user data grows, limited internal storage capacity is no longer an issue.

Bethesda deployed inSync as a replacement for an existing end-user backup service but ultimately employed it to do more within the organization. For instance, integrated file sharing lets employees easily and securely share data with co-workers, and IT-managed workspaces gives the flexibility of company-wide file sharing, while also reducing the amount of different systems the IT team has to manage. Plus, as employees leave the organization, their data remains under IT management, ensuring that it is still completely available for business or governance purposes.

The governance capabilities within inSync are an additional bonus for the Bethesda team. Audit trails ensure data isn’t mishandled, and automated legal holds makes it easy to preserve data for litigation matters or HR issues. Explains Beringer, “Legal hold within inSync means we have another arrow in our quiver that we can use to make sure that the company is secure and that we’ve protected everybody – not just the company but also individual employees.”

For Bethesda, choosing Druva as their data protection partner did far more than safeguard their end-user data. Ultimately, it simplifies the complexities of managing data across a greatly distributed, diverse organization, and increases the flexibility, availability and oversight of that data. According to Beringer, “If you want something that works and makes your life easier, inSync is the product for you.”

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