Avea meets data compliance needs with inSync Private Cloud

Based in Instanbul, Turkey, Avea is a growing telecommunications company with nearly 3000 employees. Providing GSM coverage to 98% of Turkey, Avea must meet data compliance and redundancy needs as they support their rapidly growing base of 13.7 million customers.

The Challenge

“We were looking for a product that would meet our requirements and would have innovative technical features. Our final decision was affected by support for multiple platforms and mobile devices, along with compliance features.”

Erdem Bilim


Avea used local file servers to house its data and provide redundancy, but the company needed a more scalable option. As an information company, Avea needed an endpoint backup solution that would meet its critical needs:

  • High data availability across the entire country
  • Strongest possible security to comply with strict customer information protection regulation
  • Complete control over where data was stored
  • On demand access to data for mobile employees
  • Highest possible security to protect sensitive data

inSync Private Cloud

“At the end of the day, our company is an information company, so data security and availability are critical.”

Alper Arpacoglu


The inSync on-premise option met Avea’s internal IT requirements and provided the necessary data management control to help Avea meet compliance demands. Yet it also gave Avea the flexibility of the cloud and allowed Avea to add users easily as the company grew. Avea was able to use its existing storage infrastructure and add in new storage as necessary.

Avea selected inSync Private Cloud to provide the security and flexibility it needed. inSync Private Cloud provides:

  • On-premise installation, meeting Avea’s internal IT requirements and providing the data management controls required for compliance
  • Cloud elasticity, which means that Avea’s installation can scale with the company while still allowing IT staff to manage it from a central console
  • Multi-dimensional security features, which are critical for a company needing to comply with many laws and policies governing data protection. inSync uses 256-bit TLS encryption to protect data in transit and 256-bit AES to protect it in storage. Additional strict access controls and access control with AD gives Avea the assurance that it is protecting its data with the best security measures the industry provides
  • Client-side deduplication, which ensures that only single copies of files are kept. This results in faster backups with less user impact
  • WAN optimization, which allows inSync to adjust to available bandwidth, meaning that mobile data is consistently backed up regardless of the available bandwidth
  • Web portal for data restore, making it easy for Avea employees to have access to their data, when and where they need it

Building for the Future

Avea’s installation:

  • 4 nodes sharing 8TB of storage
  • 200-850 users per node
  • Can scale to 10,000 users per node
  • 65% savings in storage
  • 1 IT administrator manages from a single web console

Avea’s inSync Private Cloud installation has nodes in four different locations sharing 8TB of available storage. User storage is allocated to a particular node, and each node has 2TB of storage and supports between 200-850 users. As the company grows, Avea will be able to allocate up to 10,000 users to each storage node, as well as add entirely new nodes to their system. For a young and geographically dispersed company, this means it has the flexibility necessary to meet its future data protection needs. As Avea’s implementation grows, inSync will still be manageable from a single administrative console.

Since implementing inSync, Avea has been able to guarantee that their critical business and customer data is highly available and securely protected without a significant impact on Avea resources:

  • A single IT administrator handles inSync administration, and reports and alerts are generated automatically. The IT Surveillance team monitors the alerts and is able to identify areas of concern and respond accordingly
  • Global, client-side deduplication has provided about 65% in disk savings
  • Thanks to inSync’s WAN optimization, users have experienced no performance impact during the backup process and Avea’s corporate endpoint data is protected consistently and automatically

Now that their core needs are met, Avea is looking at expanding how they are protecting data. They plan to implement new backup policies, along with user quotas and an increase in the number of folders backed up.

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