Case Study:

Allergan Makes a Healthy Choice for Data Protection with Druva

“When my data is out in the cloud, and my eDiscovery tool is out in the cloud…I don’t have to collect the data and bring it back, and that streamlines things tremendously”

Roger Huff, Manager, Information Security, Allergan PLC, Druva + Exterro integration customer



  • Frustration with a time-consuming eDiscovery data collection and review workflow
  • Intense manual effort when integrating new employee device data after M&A activity
  • Lack of dedicated IT staff to manage critical end user data at remote sites across the globe
  • Constant concerns with meeting data compliance demands


  • Druva inSync and Exterro’s eDiscovery platform enable Allergan to seamlessly drive an accelerated eDiscovery workflow in the cloud

Results with Druva

  • Central visibility and management across all remote sites in 100 countries
  • A 95% reduction in eDiscovery data collection time
  • Fully automated Legal Hold and data retention workflow without involving custodians
  • Cloud-native off-site scalability, addresses regulation for sensitive data residing on workstations and desktops without impacting end-user productivity

About Allergan

Allergan, PLC is a specialty pharmaceutical company producing branded and generic drugs as well as driving product innovation through research and development. Headquartered in Dublin, Ireland, the company operates in over 100 countries and employs over 10,000 people worldwide—making data security a global concern.

Allergan has recently conducted numerous mergers and acquisitions, with each creating significant challenges for the IT team as new employees and systems, distributed across the globe, must be integrated into the existing data management structure. Roger Huff, Manager, Information Security at Allergan is responsible for these complex data integration efforts. “Once we’re part of the same company, your business becomes my business and I need to be able to produce your documents from day one” says Huff.

Alongside this, there is the substantial level of regulation and government oversight. Legal holds and demands for eDiscovery are common, and Allergan needed a comprehensive approach to ensuring data availability and information governance, or be placed at significant legal risk.Streamlining the Legal Hold Process To cope with the rapid expansion of the company, and the corresponding volumes of data being introduced, as well as the need to retain data from divested subsidiaries, Allergan made the decision to implement Druva inSync across all endpoints in the company. inSync was installed on each workstation and laptop, allowing data to be automatically and unobtrusively collected in the cloud. Huff and his team can now access this data from anywhere in the world through inSync’s intuitive dashboard, allowing Allergan to comply with multiple, and many times overlapping, legal holds and accelerate the eDiscovery process, while reducing cost and risk.

Druva + Exterro: Streamlining Legal Hold and eDiscovery

“With Druva, our data collection is less reactive and more proactive, because the data is already being collected… The streamlining has been tremendous.”

Roger Huff
Manager, Information Security, Allergan PLC

Previously, the company’s approach to dealing with legal holds and eDiscovery had been heavily siloed, cumbersome and manual. Legal teams would notify IT of the need to place a particular user’s data on hold, upon which IT staff would physically locate the workstation or laptop and manually ensure that the data was preserved—a time-consuming and labor-intensive process.

Allergan made the decision to implement Druva inSync across all endpoints in the company and integrate the Exterro eDiscovery platform to create a seamless cloud-native workflow. A legal hold can be initiated in Exterro and, thanks to seamless integration with Druva inSync, the relevant data can immediately be retained in the cloud, culled and reviewed as needed. As Huff explains, “I don’t have to go ask you or schedule time with you to get your computer. It’s already done. The data is out there and all I need to do is now just go get it.”

By selecting Druva for its data protection needs, Allergan gained more than simply a vendor; it gained a partner. Druva has been with the company through every step of the journey, ensuring that the system continues to operate in a way that meets the company’s unique needs.

“One of the things I’ve noticed in working with Druva is whenever I’ve had something come up that I need to work with, there’s no shortage of engineers and technical people who come alongside and we sit down and try to figure out how we’re going to do it.”

– Roger Huff, Manager, Information Security, Allergan PLC

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