You’re less protected than you think.

Rethink end user data backup.


The world of end user data has changed, but has your backup strategy kept up? Legacy backup solutions like HP Connected leave vital corporate data not only unprotected, but also at risk for IP loss, damaged reputation, and millions in fines. Organizations require a new solution tailored for today’s mobile workforce.

A modern approach to endpoint data backup can bring your organization continuous, reliable, and zero-impact backups, while enabling streamlined, integrated eDiscovery, no matter where your data resides (laptops, mobile devices, cloud services).

…It’s no wonder why Druva regularly replaces HP Connected at global organizations and is ranked #1 by Gartner with over 4,000 enterprise clients around the world.

The Druva inSync Difference

  1. Reliable backups for your end-users
  2. Zero impact on end-user performance
  3. Data governance with full visibility into data across devices and cloud applications
Druva inSync vs. HP Connected

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4,000+ enterprise customers

Reliable backups

With inSync, you never have to wonder whether a user has completed a backup or which devices are accessing corporate data—all that information is at your fingertips. Centralized management and data governance provide full visibility into data use in your organization.

Zero impact on performance

Backups shouldn’t disrupt your users’ work experience or cause them to disable the service because it’s intrusive. Druva inSync runs silently and ensures that 100% of your data is always available and protected, all while providing business with higher value at a lower total cost of ownership (TCO).

Governance via data access and visibility

Today’s increasingly mobile enterprise has resulted in a loss of data control. Data on laptops and smartphones as well as within cloud applications translates to increased risk of company data loss and the inability to track, hold or monitor data for regulatory compliance and legal obligations. Druva inSync offers full visibility into data across devices and cloud applications, as well as controls to manage file access across type, geography, and employee.

Feature Comparison:


HP Connected Backup

Druva inSync

Data Deduplication Techniques

Client-side deduplication only

Global, client-side, application-aware data deduplication
(Outlook, Office, PDF, etc.)

Visibility and Control
Over End-User Data

No DLP, cloud application integration or direct access for eDiscovery platforms

Comprehensive data visibility including: DLP, proactive compliance, direct access for eDiscovery platforms, cloud application integration (Learn more)

Mobility and BYOD Support

Licensed per device, data access for tablets only, does not provide backup of corporate data or protect data on the device with mobile data loss prevention. No support for Linux

Multi-device ownership, mobile apps, backup of smartphones & tablets and support for a broad variety of OS and device platforms

Global Mass Deployment

Requires custom scripting

Integrated tools, pre-configured options, and a visual interface for simple installation and maintenance

End-user Experience

Poor causing end-users to pause their backup

Multiple bandwidth throttling options and advanced deduplication techniques. Backups take place in the background without bothering end-users

Data Protection

Daily backups only

Continuous data protection, system and application settings

Integrated File Sharing

Does not offer integrated file sharing, requiring organizations to purchase a separate file sharing solution

Integrates endpoint backup with enterprise-ready file sharing

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