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Druva inSync is a modern approach to end-user data protection that brings your organization continues, reliable and zero-impact backups, while enabling streamlined, integrated eDiscovery, no matter where your data resides (laptops, mobile devices, cloud services).

It’s no wonder why Druva regularly replaces Mozy at global organizations and why Gartner has rated Druva highest overall for Enterprise Endpoint Backup, for the third consecutive year.

The Druva inSync Difference

  • 1. High-performance backups
  • 2. Deeper visibility into end-user data
  • 3. Legal hold & eDiscovery across end-user data
  • 4. Data loss prevention for all devices
  • 5. Secure file sharing for the mobile workforce

5 Critical Considerations for Enterprise Cloud Backup

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Lightning Fast Backup with Huge Data Savings

inSync’s patented global deduplication delivers high-speed, lightweight backups, saving up to 80% on storage and bandwidth – leaps and bounds over any other mobile data backup technology.

  • Global deduplication
  • HyperCache
  • High-performance backup
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Visibility Across All End-user Data

By centrally capturing data and collecting tamper-proof audit trails of data interactions, inSync provides a 360-degree view across endpoints and cloud applications to address legal needs.

  • Centralized end-user data
  • Consolidated data dashboard
  • Tamper-proof audit trails
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Simplified eDiscovery Enablement

inSync is the first mobile and cloud application data protection solution to provide IT and legal administrators a single dashboard for managing legal holds for eDiscovery.

  • Built-in legal hold workflow
  • Chain of custody reporting
  • Secure eDiscovery file access
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Access, Productivity, and Collaboration

inSync Share provides robust, easy-to-use functionality for the mobile workforce.

  • Quick access for users to all of their data from any device
  • One-click secure file transfer
  • Easy collaboration with peer-to-peer and external sharing
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Complete Mobile Data Protection

The mobile workforce accesses data from multiple devices. With industry-leading technology to protect against data loss and breach, inSync helps organizations easily manage and protect their important data across all devices.

  • Flexible, mobile backup protects data from accidental loss
  • Remote wipe, device encryption and geolocation
  • Geofencing
  • Data segregation for BYOD environments
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Automate Compliance Management

inSync’s proactive compliance capabilities ensure enterprises stay ahead of potential data risks (e.g. PHI, PII, PCI) across end-user data sources and, when needed, quickly take remediating action.

  • Automated monitoring
  • Preconfigured compliance templates
  • Customized search criteria
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Feature Comparison:



Druva inSync

Cloud Infrastructure

Data redundancy across multiple data centers

Can sustain concurrent loss of data in two geographically dispersed facilities three copies of data

Availability and data durability

Not advertised
99.5% Availability, 99.99999% Data Durability built on AWS


Global deduplication

File-level (single instance store)

Client-side global dedupe on all backups

Application-aware deduplication

WAN Optimization

Optimizes packet size and number of threads depending on network noise and latency

Bandwidth Throttling

Sub-optimal maximum bandwidth cap
Based on percentage of available bandwidth

CPU Throttling


Network Encryption (data encryption in transit)

256-bit SSL 256-bit TLS

Storage Encryption (data encryption at rest)

448-bit Blowfish by default 256-bit AES, NIST standard, used by government and financial institutions

On-device Data Encryption

Remote Wipe Capability

Data Governance

Cloud Application Integration

Preserve-in-Place Legal Holds

Limited, requires staging of data outside of Mozy

Direct access for eDiscovery platforms

(e.g. AccessData, Recommind)

Beyond Backup

Data Loss Prevention

Includes data encryption on endpoints, remote wipe and geo-tracking

Integrated File Sharing with IT Visibility

Proactive Compliance

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