Mitigating Data Breaches for Life Sciences

Safeguard sensitive information and reduce the risk of non-compliance

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Life sciences companies manage highly sensitive information (PII, PHI, and IP) which must be protected while complying with industry regulations, regional laws, and privacy requirements. The cost of not protecting this data can be staggering, not just in fines, but also in business reputation and loss of trust. Druva inSync gives enterprise organizations a single access point for data protection, compliance monitoring, and legal hold management for eDiscovery — without impact on employee productivity.


“Druva inSync is a life saver. When a manager leaves his or her device at home, he or she can still access data instantly. The benefits are obvious to users.”

Patrick Burgess

IT & Communications Manager, Merz Pharma

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Protect Sensitive Data and Mitigate Data Breaches

Life sciences organizations have an extra burden when it comes to protecting sensitive information. They also have to comply with industry regulations, regional laws, and privacy requirements.

Whether the information resides on mobile devices or in the cloud, data protection begins by ensuring information is never lost. This is easily achieved by inSync, which seamlessly backs up all end-user information. Furthermore, to mitigate data breaches, inSync encrypts all data in-store (256-bit AES) and in-flight (256-bit TLS). It uses a patented envelope encryption model that ensures no unauthorized party — not even Druva — has access to the data. Finally, with built-in Data Loss Prevention (DLP) capabilities, IT can geo-locate lost or stolen devices and remotely wipe sensitive information.

Hassle Free, Time-Saving Automated Compliance Management

inSync includes a collection of predefined compliance-regulation templates (for example, HIPAA, GLBA, PCI, each verified against industry regulations). These predefined templates enable organizations to start addressing their compliance needs right out of the box — completely automated, hassle free, and without a major time investment in setup.

You can customize your own templates, which inSync can use to automatically scan data across all data sources (including cloud and mobile devices), identify at-risk data, and alert the contacts you specify about things a human being should investigate.

For HIPAA-regulated businesses, Druva readily signs a Business Associate Agreement. Read Druva’s HIPAA statement >

Identifying Potential Risks in End-User Data with Full Text Search

inSync seamlessly captures data across all devices and cloud applications, and indexes that information to a central repository to provide IT full text search capabilities. In doing so, inSync automates the identification of data risks by proactively identifying files that may contain sensitive information (like ePHI, PII, or IP). It enables IT to quickly assess and take corrective action for non-compliance with regulated or policy-managed end-user data.

Monitor and Manage End-user Activity and Data Sources

inSync has a single monitoring dashboard for viewing and managing end-user data and activity streams, so you don’t have to scour across multiple disjointed systems. inSync ensures complete transparency and traceability of all activities in the organization with its full, tamper-proof data audit trails. These audit trails give even more comprehensive visibility for compliance initiatives and ensure proper procedures are followed by all end users and IT administrators.

Cut the Time, Effort, and Cost of Legal Hold

In the event of litigation (such as intellectual property litigation), IT used to have to collect mobile devices for preservation of custodian data, which resulted in loss of employee productivity. Instead: With just a few mouse clicks, inSync enables IT to quickly respond to legal department inquiries and to place legal holds on custodian data, suspending retention policies and preserving the content in place. The data remains securely stored and immutable and can be easily ingested securely into any eDiscovery platform to begin the legal process.

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