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So, how fast is inSync really?

We still couldn’t figure out what makes the traditional backups so slow and resource hungry. But, we benchmarked insync against normal network copy using a HP dual core machine configured for 50 users. Here are the results –

You can download the PDF (117KB) and other related documents from http://www.druvaa.com/download/insync.html Should the results differ for a larger set of users ? Looks difficult, but would soon try and publish (upcoming) version 2.0 benchmarks with larger set of users. – Jaspreet


  1. RYK 12 years ago

    I am unable to see the figures in your slideshow, could you please redo the slideshow with closeups of the figures.

  2. Benny 12 years ago

    I have used the product and it definitely seems to be simpler and faster than many alternatives. I will try and write about it.

    How do you maintain this speed ?

  3. Jaspreet 12 years ago

    updated . Alternatively, you can download the same and other docs from – http://www.druvaa.com/downloads/insync.html

    thanks. We wonder how are the others so slow :-)

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