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See you at Proto.in – Pune

Druvaa is the silver sponsor for the 6th edition of “the startup event” – Proto.in . The event would be held on July 25th in Pune.  Here is a small article which appeared in the press recently.

I plan to attend the same with couple of more guys from Druvaa. Would love to catch and talk all things  tech, statup, life and beyond.

Since I had stayed in Pune for over 3 years, here are some nice recommendations to raise a toast –

  1. Thousand Oaks, E-street
  2. All Stir fry, Gordan House, E-square
  3. ZKZ, near NIBM


  1. Prat 11 years ago

    It was good fun meeting you guys in person. Cheers to Druvaa on the success !

    Thanks for the advise on All-stir-fry !

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