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The Level Up Project

What is it?
Much like a GitHub project, the Level Up project is a collection of contributors, but instead of creating code, we create useful assets in an “open source content” collaborative style with the sole purpose of helping the tech community.  The goal is to help people Level Up their skills so they can Level Up in their careers.

The Level Up project goal is simply this to contribute to the technology community in a meaningful way, as a completely separate effort from the products and services of the companies we work for. That’s it, full stop.

The goal is to help people level up their skills so they can level up in their careers. 

What are we doing? 
As we launch we’re keeping it simple, focusing on listening first then contributing second. As the program matures, so will the offerings and the only way we will grow is by providing valuable content, support, and resources in ways that make a real impact in the efforts and careers of the those we are engaging with. Community feedback and validation will be the cornerstone of accomplishing this goal.

What’s first?

The 2017 VMware User “vTrail Map” is the first tool created as a result of the Level Up project. Members of the technology community from all over the world have contributed to ensure that this guide will provide the community with the information you need to help you make progress at the job you are trying to do at this stage of your career.

This guide features resources, both physical and virtual, that serve as helpful places to progress on VMware user’s virtualization career journey — and ultimately discover more. Professionals in the VMware ecosystem are trying to move forward with their projects and their careers. With countless blogs, white papers, events, and podcasts, it’s not always easy to tell where the best places are to get information or to know who to reach out to with questions. This guide is intended to help.

How to get a vTrail Map

  • Attend the 2017 VMworld conference in Las Vegas.
    • Printed version will be exclusively available to those attending
  • For the eBook version of this guide email: levelup@druva.com
    • The eBook will be available on September 1st, after the show 


How to contribute? 

Join the Level Up project! We are launching an exclusive slack channel for those interested in contributing to the concept and execution of the next asset. If you are interested, ping us on one of the channels listed below. 

Email: levelup@druva.com

(Launching at VMworld 2017) Twitter: @Tech_LevelUp
(Launching post VMworld 2017) Slack Channel: tech-levelup.slack.com

Lead Advocate: Yadin Porter de Leon
Twitter: @porterdeleon


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