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InSync v4 (Blackbird) Beta – Registration Open

After a month long limited “technology preview”, Druva inSync v4 beta will now be available to all partners, customers and new registrations starting July 15th.

InSync v4.0 codenamed after the Lockheed reconnaissance aircraft -SR71 Blackbird, will showcase 4 super stunning features –

  1. App-Aware Dedupe
  2. New Blackbird Storage Engine
  3. New Redesigned Octopus WAN Optimization Engine
  4. Web 2.0 Management Console & Interactive Dashboard

First of its kind, the app-aware dedupe engine understands the data structure for applications (like Outlook & MS Office), and deduplicates data at message or logical block level. This guarantees 100% dedupe accuracy, and a significant improvement in bandwidth/storage utilization.

The new (Blackbird) storage engine now utilizes a much advanced embedded database from Oracle instead of SQL database. Less than 1MB in size, the new database simplifies installation and adds raw rocket power to the dedupe engine. The new storage architecture will support 16TB of dedupe storage with 200+ parallel connections.

The new redesigned Octopus WAN Optimization engine is designed to optimally utilize both high speed networks and weakest of WAN links. The new auto-resume feature ensures that a large file is resumed after a network interruption.

A big fan of usability, the new web console is my favourite. It’s stunningly attractive and I personally love the dashboard. The new dashboard shows some interesting statistics like data composition of backup, user activity graphs, storage growth so on.

Details & Registration Details about the new release and registration information is given here – http://druvadedesite.wpengine.com//insync/version-4-0-beta Please sign-up and someone from the beta program will contact you soon.

Final Release The final release is expected to be around Aug 10th 2010. But the dates are not finalized yet and will mostly depend on how well is the beta is accepted.

Feedback We would soon dedicate a thread in the forums for beta discussions. Please feel free to comment here on the blog or participate in the forums. This would surely help us design your backup better.


  1. David 10 years ago

    The screenshots look good, especially the dashboard.

    I think the biggest feature I am waiting for is the dashboard and of-cource I am curious about the new blackbird engine :)

    Backup product without internal database is rare.

  2. QNet 10 years ago

    Scalability to 16TB would be good. But do you think, 200 parallel connections are going to be enough ?

    I can see a new “user connections” graph in the dashboard, that would be useful.

    Any news on the data composition report ?

  3. Jaspreet 10 years ago

    @QNET, 200 parallel connections would mean 2000 total users, we don’t expect more than 10% of users to sync at a time.

    And yes, the “user connections” graph would be useful here :)

    Yup, your request on data composition report will be serviced in the final release.

  4. First Impression 10 years ago

    First impression looks good. Much faster backup and good fresh interface !

    Where can I post feedback of give ideas ?

  5. Jaspreet 10 years ago

    You can email your thoughts to Anupam (AD) at beta _at_ druva.com or share them here – http://forums.druva.com/