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Druvaa inSync v3.0 Feature List

This post is in reference to the forums discussion – http://forums.druvaa.com/viewtopic.php?f=8&t=16

Based on the feedback received, I am compiling the list of features planned for version 3.0 (code name “Apollo 11”). The public beta is due on Jan 7, 2009.

Major Features –

  1. Full PC Backup – Backup OS, application, data and settings. The PC installations within the organization have more or less same OS and applications, but minor differences in drivers and apps make the job of system cloning very difficult and storage exhaustive. Version 3.0 will use data de-duplication to provide a bandwidth and storage efficient way for the same.
  2. Bare-metal Restore – Restore OS/application/aata from scratch using a bootable “Druvaa Bare-metal Restore” disk.
  3. Search” file by name in restore – very helpful for large no. of files.
  4. Performance Boost for Large File Backup – Changes in deduplication algorithm to boost incremental backup performance for large files (1GB+) by 300%. Very useful for Outlook PST backups.
  5. Better control over sync frequency – Admin can control sync frequency and whether a user can pause backup.
  6. Sync profile automatically every 5 minutes – Currently the profile is synced just before the backup request. This is confusing for the admin, from 3.0 the client would poll and check profile changes every 5 minutes.
  7. MSI Installable – Helpful for automated AD-integrated installations for large organizations.

Minor Features –

  1. Server diagnostics Option – A single button to collect all the information relevant for troubleshooting and email it to support _at_ druvaa
  2. Admin configurable relative folders -Admin should be able to configure folders relative to user’s home directory.
  3. Import Users from CSV file – this is to cater to the case when direct AD access is not possible.
  4. Take company name and logo for personalization -Use the company information for server configuration panel and web-restore.
  5. Server health notifications– Add “uptime” and “last error” information to server health status tab. Send the same in reports.
  6. Personalize authentication email – Let the admin add more information to the email carrying user’s auth key.
  7. Advance settings for PostgreSQL installation-Let the admin configure data / archive log directories for each SIS creation.

Please use this post or the forum thread to voice your opinion on what changes/features would you like to see in your favorite backup software. To enroll for the beta program and get a free evaluation copy, please send an email to beta@druvaa.com. [update] The public beta would be released by Jan 7, 2009. * Added 2 suggestions to feature list.


  1. Jacob 11 years ago

    I can categorize the features as –

    “Killer” –
    1. Full PC Backup/BMR
    2. Performance Improvements for Outlook PST

    “Cool” –
    1. Backup Search
    2. Server diagnostics – will do away with a lot of support calls.
    3. server health report

    “Late”/ Should have been there already –
    1. Better control over frequency and profile
    2. MSI

    Overall I am looking fwd for the beta and I have 3 questions –

    1. When is the beta expected ? How can i participate ?
    2. Can you explain more about performance improvements.
    3. Is this a free upgrade ?
    4. Any scalability planing/numbers around this release ?

  2. Jaspreet 11 years ago


    The beta release is expected on Jan 7th.

    The performance improvements would be from the algorithm changes in the data deduplication. Expect a technical whitepaper on this soon.

    The v2 scales up to 2000 PCs/single backup server. We are planing to add some mass deployment and scalability features in this release like –

    a) MSI support for AD install
    b) Auto sync users from a AD group
    c) Import users from CSV file
    d) send them a customizable email with auth key.
    e) Scalablity for 5000 PCs/single server

  3. Borja 11 years ago

    It’s really interesting but I’m missing a major feature I was counting on:

    1.- Off-Line (outband) Copy & Restore. This is a critical feature is “Remote” backup and “Restore” wants to be performed.
    Even more critical now with the “Full PC Backup” feature implemented.

  4. Ravinder 11 years ago

    Any plans for local backup/recovery option ?

    My users (sales/ executives/ etc.) travel a lot and may not have internet access for days. I would like a local recovery option which maintains a small (200MB or so) area on hard disk for a local backup which is automatically syned over network next time user gets internet access.

    – Ravinder

  5. Carlos 11 years ago

    Yup, the media backup and recovery option is being discussed and would be available post 3.0 .. maybe v3.1

    Local recovery is a tricky feature. The remote users mostly work on Emails, and makes little sense to backup the large PST files locally.

    Some customers have been requesting this, not sure when this would be taken up. Will keep you posted if we take it up post 3.0.

    Let me know if you have more thoughts over this.


  6. Raman 11 years ago

    Would be great to have local recovery option which is present in DLO.

    It’s needed when a file-modifications are lost between sync intervals.

    All files less than some size (10MB) should be copied to a local recovery area until the next sync. This would deliver true CDP.

  7. Adriano 11 years ago

    As requested earlier, would you allow the admin to locally restore the user’s files on the server (local dump) ?

    Its fine, if the dump is password protected like the BMR.

    Its corporate data and admins should have full access to it.


  8. hcladmin 11 years ago

    Even though the client is very low impact on the computer, we have had a few problem employees who are exiting Druvaa, which prevents it from running.

    Can there be a password option to not only prevent pausing, like is planned, but to prevent the software from being exited and disabled? A lot like centrally managed AV programs.

    The greatest feature this product provides, other than great support and a very easy low impact solution, is the protection of company data on an unsecure medium, i.e. laptops.

  9. Carlos 11 years ago

    Yup this feature would be available. Initially we were a bit skeptical about it.

    Yup we would prevent the user from aborting the backup by either conditionally remove the pause and exit options or offering the backup agent/client as a service.

    Carlos (for Druvaa PM team)

  10. Carlos 11 years ago


    We are working on local CDP recovery feature. But, but sure if that would be released in v3.0

  11. dave kinsley 11 years ago

    Idea for the next update to inSync. It would be nice to be able to supply a DNS name for the server to sync with vs. an IP address.

    I work in a configuration when the address would map to one IP when I’m internal, and another when connecting externally. One entry would take care of that scenario nicely.

  12. Borja 11 years ago

    I agree Dave. DNS name as alternative to IP Adress would be nice to have feature and will simplify the management of client configuration for ASP business model.

  13. Borja 11 years ago

    What about the inSync Server protection itself?.
    I’m missing an fully automated solution where the server itself is Automatically Backed-up to a remote location.
    I don’t think that NTBackup (Windows) or TAR (Linux) are good enough if at the end of the day someone needs to carry out a USB device or Tape off-site.

  14. Carlos 11 years ago

    Dave/ Borja,

    We consciously did not allow name based configurations.

    Sometimes the internal host name matches to some other server over external link, and then it becomes very difficult to troubleshoot.

    Lets see if there is an alternative to this and if we can support this in future.

    Thanks for your comments.

  15. Jaspreet 11 years ago


    Thanks for bringing this out.

    We have some big plans for disaster recovery. You might see some good action on that front pretty soon.


  16. Borja 11 years ago

    Restore-Point Archival Option:
    Oposite to Restore-Point Deletion available today, Restore-Point Archival is a feature that will provide a Historycal Archive of customer’s data providing at the same time an adequate ratio of storage amount used by the client.
    The idea behind, beyond the amount of days restorepoints are kept in the server and that is defined at user-group level, is to be able to have a yearly, monthly or weekly single Restorepoint for backups over the provided default retention time.
    Let’s put an example of what could be achieved:
    Retention policy is set up for 30 days.
    Archival is configured for weekly+monthly+yearly
    After 18 months the Restorepoints available would be:
    – all the restorepoints of the last 30 days.
    – 4 weekly restorepoints (1 per each previous 4 weeks to these 30 days)
    – 12 montly restorepoints (1 per each previous 12 monts)
    – 1 Yearly restorepoints.
    So regardless the backup is performed every 20 minutes, with just 17 Restore-points extra the customer can get a good archival system.
    This feature would be really appreciated I guess in Server Backups.

  17. Jaspreet 11 years ago


    Thanks for the comment and detailed explanation.

    We are working on disk based archival/replication system to work with current PC backup or future server backup.

    It would be a good idea to specify a different retention policy for the archival. For example it should be configurable to retain data older than 30 days for next 1 year.

    Very soon, we would be announcing plans for a server backup offering as well.


  18. paulg 11 years ago

    Good point Borja. A good use case for data deduplication is higher retention and a time-period based retention of data and configuration would be good.

    Any plans for a tape support. You currently have a very basic support for tape. Or, you would only be concentrating on D2D ?

  19. Tony 11 years ago

    Some usability suggestions –

    1. The server GUI does not give a very good on-gui help for storage and profile creation.

    The user should be guided towards SIS store, when thats your key selling feature

    2. The server GUI looks like Windows 3.1 age, needs face-lift. The client GUI is good.

    3. Sync Now without the key shows “No server configured”. Your software is smart enough to realize nothing was configured. So give me a button to go the configure screen.

    4. Now that I think of it, if there is no Key loaded (not configured), Why not go directly to the Conf. Screen.

    AND for that matter why not show just load key menu in the configuration menu. Anyways you can configure anything without loading the key.

    5. Just have the end user prompt to load the KEY, the conf screen has some stuff on there we do not want them to do.

    – T

  20. Tony 11 years ago

    “”Usability is the key to success “”

    On the restore window,

    1. No end user help (need a help button that quickly shows end user how to restore their own file/folder). We are open 24/7 in 28 country’s, I don’t want them calling me :)

    2. Default restore location is bad, it’s going to the user folder, which most have no idea how to get their form Explorer . My suggestion, Default should be User Desktop inSync Restore (todays date).

    3. Also no option to restore to original location, this could be good or bad.

    4. Also you can put one line under the buttons as their description

    But overall I liked SIS .. it backs up lighting fast.

    – T

  21. Carlos 11 years ago


    you seem to be an expert on usability and HMI.
    Very Impressive :)

    We would work on this and see how much of this can we take care of in v3

    Carlos (PM, Druvaa)

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