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Druvaa inSync 2.0 Features Suggest

For the first timers – Druvaa inSync is a Fast Enterprise Laptop Sync solution mainly targeted at LAN/WAN based backups for mobile workforce and cross office backup consolidation.

inSync Details – http://druvadedesite.wpengine.com//products/insync/ inSync Virtual Tour – http://druvadedesite.wpengine.com//products/insync/virtual-tour/

Druvaa inSync 2.0 is being targeted as a complete laptop data sync protection solution.

Feature Set

a) Server Side

  1. Performance improvements – Improved sync algorithm (based on xdelta-3).
  2. Continuous Data Protection – Date/time based “from the past” restore.
  3. Network Profiles – admin configures network profiles with –
    1. IP addresses
    2. Network Type LAN/WAN/Auto (to optimize on backup packet sizes)
    3. On-wire compression levels
  4. Pluggable Storage Architecture – to make way for storage engines like encrypted, compressed, single instance, Amazon S3
  5. Single Instance Store – powerful block level de-duplication/single instancing.
  6. Storage Profiles – admin configures storage profiles with storage engine and capacity
  7. User Profiles – binds network and storage profiles with user profiles/groups. A totally flexible way of choosing which user syncs using which network and what storage type.
  8. Remote Data Deletion/Encryption – Theft protection
  9. Live Reports – Statistic, Graphs and email Alerts.

b) Client Side

  1. Bandwidth QoS – Choose backup bandwidth cap by percentage not value.
  2. Search backed-up files – allow users to search files in backup by names
  3. Auto restore/heal – automatically “heal” the laptop by restoring all files to default location
  4. Live Console – View live logs and backup activity

Feedback Suggestion

Druvaa inSync team would like to hear your feedback/suggestions –

  1. Whats your take on planed features ?
  2. Anything we missed or you would like to suggest ?


  1. Anonymous 12 years ago

    Looking at your proto presentation, the best feature which could add is “infinite file versions” in other words full backup timeline …

    You are talking of CDP here, may be thats the same thing.

  2. Chris 12 years ago

    Interesting features,

    one thing i liked about inSync 1.x was its simplicity and would like to see the same despite all these features.

    I worked with a product which has single instance store, it was painful both in installation/dependencies and performance. Hopefully you will take care of these issues.

    – C
    PS: Thanks for the free SOHO model

  3. Nishat 12 years ago

    For anyone with installation size more than 100/200 single instance and user profiles would be a must have feature. All depends how simple can you keep all these advance features.

    Advise (Free): Don’t compete on features, big companies do that. Try and give something unique, killer and usable.

    Although ver 1.x is very simple to use, some work still needs to be done on GUI side.

  4. Jaspreet 12 years ago

    About simplicity, yup we are very clear on not making the GUI complected after all these features.

    SIS (single instance store) would be completely invisible to the end user. And will have no external dependency of any database/file-system/storage etc.

    Interestingly, we can see perf. improvements after adding SIS functionalities. Mainly because of reduced read/writes.

    thanks for the input. We also felt the same, and have dropped “theft protection” from next release.

  5. Carlos Franco 12 years ago

    [Posted on behalf of Carlos]

    I have a new question, which is related to my work as IT manager.

    I would like to know how much data is been synchronized by clients over the time; How often are clients being synchronizing their computers (so I can warn the user that there is a problem with his synchronization schedule); and other useful information…

  6. Jaspreet 12 years ago

    Thanks Carlos,

    Yes, detailed statistics is what is missing in version 1.2

    You have a very good input, this holds good specially when users are traveling/mobile.

    Marked for version 2.0

    – J