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Druvaa inSync 2.0 Beta Release

Druvaa announces the availability of Druvaa inSync 2.0 Beta. The idea behind v2.0 is fast and bandwidth/storage efficient backup. The much awaited release, brings four very interesting and unique features –

1. SendUnique – Enterprise wide on-wire data de-duplication. Almost 80% of PC data (emails/docs) within an enterprise is common between users. SendUnique technology fingerprints the user’s backup set to send only one copy of data (emails/docs) common between different users to the backup server. This speeds up backup by almost 10 times and cut bandwidth usage by 90%.

2. Eternity – Never Loose a file. Ever. Timeline based, from-the-past restore. Enables ultimate protection against data loss or virus attacks.

3. NetworkSense – Automatic network sensing and prioritization. Allocates a user defined percentage of bandwidth for backups.

4. TrueSecure – Client triggered secure backups. 256 byte network (SSL) and 256 bit (AES) storage encryption.

You can sign up here for beta evaluation and updates.

The following presentations describes the 2.0 feature set –


  1. RYK 12 years ago

    congrats, the product looks very exciting. I like to graphics in the presentation, illustrates the features well.
    So how do I get my copy ?

  2. Bruce 12 years ago

    The beta is again Windows only. Linux is a good and growing market, but almost no players.

    And can i upgrade my 1.2 installation for beta or final release ?

    Will 2.0 support 1.2 clients ?

  3. Jaspreet 12 years ago


    Thanks. Beta currently is for limited beta testers.

    As the post also mentions, you can register here – http://www.druvaa.com/products/insync_beta_register.html


    Linux version for 2.0 release would be available by June 15.

    2.0 beta and final are non-upgrade release for 1.2 installation. 2.1 which would be shortly released after 2.0, would be an upgrade releases.

    Yes, 2.1 will work with 1.2 clients also.

  4. Thomas 12 years ago

    Presentation is nice and precise.

    I am still wondering, if its really possible. This could be really path breaking.

    Lets hope your promises are real. I have signed up for beta and would wait to test first to believe it.

    I liked your 1.2 offering, have helped almost 7-8 others to grab a copy.