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Celebrating Our Inaugural CAB

At Druva, we pride ourselves on a reputation for listening to our customers and acting on that feedback to improve our product. We do this so that we can build the best solutions possible to delight our 3,000+ customers.

This week, we took that Druva commitment to a new level by hosting our first-ever Customer Advisory Board (CAB) meeting. We brought together 20 top IT leaders from several industries, ranging from retail to technology to healthcare, and invited them to give us direct and honest feedback to influence the direction of our product roadmap.

The group quickly got to work surfacing challenges, solutions, and new approaches to a common goal: managing and protecting enterprise data. The summit featured a trend talk by Gartner’s Sheila Childs, a series of in-depth customer case studies, and a roll-your-sleeves-up Customer Jam session offering feedback and advice.

Gartner senior analyst Sheila Childs presents industry trends.

Gartner senior analyst Sheila Childs presents industry trends.

Druva CEO Jaspreet Singh responds to feedback from customer advisors.

Druva CEO Jaspreet Singh responds to feedback from customer advisors.

The Customer Jam offers a chance to directly impact the Druva product roadmap.

The Customer Jam offers a chance to directly impact the Druva product roadmap.

Despite the variety of industries, company sizes, and deployments, some common themes and trends emerged during the discussions. These 9 trends are top of mind for these IT leaders regarding data protection for their enterprise organizations:

  1. IT departments are evolving from infrastructure providers to agile partners of business units, keen on driving innovation.
  2. Companies are moving from managing data growth, to mining data, to creating business value, and treating information as an appreciating asset.
  3. Mobile and contingent workforces pose increasing challenges to IT in controlling how enterprise data is accessed and backed up by geography, role, and file type.
  4. With the increased maturity of the cloud, on-premise customers are rethinking the promising efficiencies of cloud deployments.
  5. IT must consider the end user experience when choosing technology solutions. Only by meeting end users’ expectations can IT overcome entrenched behaviors that put data at risk.
  6. It is possible to navigate the complexity of international data storage requirements, but only through rigorous compliance with regulations.
  7. IT leaders are looking to standardize data backup and storage in their remote and branch offices to save costs and increase efficiencies.
  8. Innovation in IT is increasingly coming from upstarts versus established players, and companies are willing to try a combination of solutions to increase agility.
  9. Selling in a cloud solution to top brass needs to address CAPEX and budgeting, but CIOs are often looking beyond financials to the business wins of agility and elasticity when selling in a cloud solution.

By the end of the two-day summit, it was clear to us that our customers are not just solving for endpoint and server backup in an elegant way (or so we like to think), but that they are on the front lines driving increased agility for their enterprise organizations.

We thank our Customer Advisors for their enthusiastic support and feedback of Druva and our solutions. We look forward to showing you the results of the summit in our products.




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