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Announcing inSync v3.1 Release

Happy to announce the new much awaited v3.1 release.  This is an incremental release. Some of the highlights include:

1. Performance improvements for full-pc sync and BMR
2. Managed Clients Upgrade
3. More powerful bandwidth management
4. Sync on log-off and shut-down
5. Upgrade for v2.2 customers

Performance Improvements We were planning to surprise the customers by introducing a new much faster and scalable storage (code name “blackbird”), but was pulled out at the last moment because of some stability issues. It’s now being planned for next major release.

But, the new release does bring some awaited improvements and recommendations for full-PC backup and BMR (Bare Metal Restore). The users should see about 1.5-2x performance improvements in sync and restore speed.

Manage Clients Upgrade This new exciting feature would allow the administrator to remotely upgrade the backup clients across organization. The admin would be able to “push” the updates for the users for a particular profile. But, only the clients with version v3.1 or higher would understand this new protocol, hence this feature will only be usable from v3.1.x :)

Better Bandwidth and CPU Management With this release, the administrator would be able centrally choose and lock granular bandwidth and CPU prioritization for users of a particular profile. The admin would now be able to provision bandwidth differently for LAN and WAN based connections.

Sync on log-off and shut-down This would be an optional setting and force user backups on log-off and shut-down for Windows based clients. This was heavily demanded by administrators managing mobile workforce.

We hope to release the v3.1 by Oct 22, 2009. Please use the link here to register for updates.

– Happy Diwali


  1. Mark 11 years ago

    Great. Is the release date of Oct 22nd confirmed ?

    Is there any beta, I would be glad to give it a try.

  2. Jay 11 years ago

    I can’t see the release in the download area. Do, I have to register somewhere ?

    I am very keen on testing the centralized bandwidth and CPU management feature.

  3. Jaspreet 11 years ago


    sorry for the delays. The updated date for inSync v3.1 is Oct 27th.

    Just spoke with the engineering and they seem very confident with this date :)

    Please register on the page to receive updates.