Sauraj Jhingan

Sauraj is Human Resources Manager at Druva. Based in the Pune office, he was the first member of the Druva HR team. This year, he is taking a sabbatical to climb Mount Everest and will be recounting his experience on the Druva blog.

Recent Posts by Sauraj Jhingan

  • Surviving the Everest Avalanche: a First-Hand Account

    The last thing I remember was jumping into our kitchen tent when we saw the mountain of ice and...

    By in Druva News22-06-2015
  • Climbing Everest: The First Steps on the Last Steps of the Journey

    Druva employee Sauraj Jhingan has been preparing for his Everest climb since the summer of 2014. Finally, he’s put...

    By in Druva News08-04-2015
  • Dollar Mountain

    Climbing Everest: The Number Crunch

    What does it actually cost to mount an expedition to climb Everest? Sauraj Jhingan, who has been on leave...

    By in Druva News26-02-2015
  • One Step at a Time: The Mountaineering (and Other) Equipment You Need to Climb Everest

    Sauraj Jhingan is only 90 days from his dream climb. Here’s what it takes to make an Everest ascent possible....

    By in Druva News08-01-2015
  • The Food at the Top of the World

    Since this summer, Sauraj Jhinghan, Druva’s manager of human resources in Pune, has been chronicling his preparation for an...

    By in Druva News20-11-2014
  • Why Everest? Because It’s There.

    Sauraj Jhingan, Druva’s Human Resources Manager in India, is preparing to climb Everest – and not metaphorically. What could...

    By in Druva News19-08-2014
  • Climbing Everest: Lessons from Lebouche

    Sauraj Jhingan tackles the “training mountain” of Lebouche East in preparation for his planned Everest climb. It turns out...

    By in Druva News24-07-2014
  • My Pursuit of Mount Everest Begins

    It’s been four years since I joined Druva as the lone soldier in the HR team based out of...

    By in Druva News10-07-2014