Manny Lopez

Manny Lopez is a Druva Product Marketing Manager. He has more than 15 years experience in market research, focused primarily in the areas of competitive analysis. Manny has a diverse background: Most recently he was at Accellion, where he took the lead on building and executing on it competitive analysis program. Previously, Manny was with Cohn & Wolfe, a PR agency, where he focused on competitive intelligence gathering and synthesizing for their top clients sales and executive teams. His deep background in market research spans many years, including being a research analyst with analyst house IDC, based in their Hong Kong and Beijing offices.

In his free time, Manny can be found at any number of playgrounds surrounding the Lamorinda area with his two kids (ages 6 and 5) and his wife. He also enjoys working-out (especially running and mountain biking) and sneaking out of the Druva office to hit the gym.

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