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Leica Microsystems Sees Global Data Protection And Compliance With Druva

Multi-national life sciences company protects and manages access to Intellectual Property data across globe with Druva inSync


Druva, the leader in converged data protection, today announced that Leica Microsystems, a multi-national company that develops and manufactures microscopes and other scientific instruments, has deployed inSync for central protection and visibility of data stored on end-user devices. With Druva inSync, Leica Microsystems can manage and control how data is protected on each device, while also meeting the compliance requirements of each geographic region that the company operates in.

Leica Microsystems operates in more than 100 countries worldwide, as well as working with a network of international distribution partners. Its 4,000 staff cover multiple countries, working remotely and while on the road. This meant that data protection for employee endpoint devices was a potential challenge. Using Druva, the company’s IT team can automatically backup data from all endpoints to a central location without any interaction required.

“Before Druva, we had a large number of sales and service employees working remotely and it was challenging for IT to make sure that the data on employee devices was secured and protected. Users were supposed to back up their own devices using custom software, but they did this infrequently, if at all. With Druva inSync, our company data is protected, the user experience is seamless and the overall data protection implementation is very, very reliable,” said Oliver Barner, European IT Services Manager at Leica Microsystems.

As part of its implementation of Druva, Leica Microsystems can manage how data is protected and retained based on local and regional data protection requirements. “InSync met our requirements as a multi-national company - German data privacy regulations prohibit the company from using geo-location to track laptops in the country, but in other places, such as the U.S., it’s part of the company’s strategy to combat lost or misplaced devices. It’s great that we can tailor the solution when it comes to these sorts of features,” explained Barner.

Druva provides cloud-based endpoint data protection and governance, working with public cloud instances from AWS and Microsoft as well as private cloud implementations. Druva customers can deploy globally and scale to any number of users and select from 32 global storage locations to meet local compliance requirements and regulations.

“Companies have more mobile workforces than ever before – employees want to work where and when it suits them, and companies want to support that trend to get more productivity from those employees. However, protecting the data that employees create has to be part of any strategy here. Druva helps companies ensure that their data is protected and governed in accordance with local market legislation and compliance regulations, while also making it simple to administer and run,” commented Rick Powles, Vice President EMEA at Druva.

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