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Druva Introduces the Capacity to Support a New Era of Computing, Enabling Enterprise IT to Protect End-User Data, Not Just Devices

New Data Protection and Availability Solution for Smartphones and Tablets Extends Availability Beyond the Laptop to all Devices Mountain View, Calif. – March 29, 2012 – Druva, a pioneer in secure, non-intrusive endpoint protection and availability solutions for the enterprise, today announced new mobile- data protection capabilities. With these capabilities, inSync becomes the first solution that enables IT to focus on the needs of the enterprise user with a single point of control across all endpoint devices. Druva’s new model returns control of critical data to IT in an environment of unfettered growth of mobile devices. inSync’s endpoint data protection and availability solutions for laptops now include the following features for mobile devices: Mobile-Data Backup Customers now have a mobile-data solution that backs up data from all of their devices uniformly. inSync simplifies management and storage of user data by enabling IT to select backup either to an on-premises server or to the cloud, or to a combination of on-premises and cloud as dictated by enterprise requirements. Multi-Device Access With inSync, users can instantly access and view data from all of their devices on each of those devices, from a single desktop interface, or from a single web interface, greatly improving user productivity and access to data. Mobile Data-Loss Prevention IT can encrypt data, remotely geo-locate, and even remotely wipe data from a lost or stolen mobile device regardless of its location. Instant alerts notify the inSync administrator and virtually eliminate the risks of unauthorized access to the data. “Data loss is simply not an option in any industry where sensitive data is at stake,” said Rajesh Kumar Sharma, assistant IT manager, PriceWaterhouseCoopers, the global professional-services giant. “Druva inSync has been architected to counter the real and potential risks of data loss, and today it not only safeguards sensitive customer data for PwC but also has helped us maintain a strong security posture.” Empowering IT to Manage the Consumerization of the Enterprise For IT departments, separate devices require separate user profiles, complicating the process of tying multiple devices to one user and the resulting challenge of device provisioning. With inSync, Druva eliminates that complexity, creating a single user profile that encompasses all of the user’s mobile devices. From a single on-premises or cloud portal, IT personnel can view and manage backup, data access and data loss prevention (DLP), as well as bandwidth allotment and security, for all of the user’s laptops, tablets and smartphones. Druva’s “manage the user across all endpoint devices” approach returns control of mobile devices to IT, while giving users access to their data from anywhere, at any time. "In today's BYOD environment, enterprises face a management headache for IT when it comes to protecting sensitive data on mobile devices,” said Robert Amatruda, research director, data protection and recovery at IDC. "As a result, enterprise IT managers need scalable, cost- effective tools to provide their staff superlative data protection for their mobile devices without interrupting their workflow." Massively Scalable inSync’s on-premises solution scales up to 100,000 devices in an on-premises configuration, allowing management from a single, unified console. Its powerful HyperCache preserves storage capacity through in-memory global source-based data deduplication and support for solid state drives (SSDs) optimizes system performance. For additional customer protection, Druva provides service-level agreements (SLAs) for durability and reliability. inSync’s cloud solution protects data through unique two-factor encryption, sandboxing and strict access control. The cloud model also enables rapid global deployment as well as elastic scalability to support any number of users and devices. “With a projection that 78 percent of enterprises will allow use of iPads by 2013, the need for rock-solid data loss prevention has become especially acute,” said Jaspreet Singh, CEO of Druva. “Today, many enterprises cannot track how many mobile devices a staffer uses on the job, much less protect that user’s data. That's why we introduced a ‘manage the user’ model that has put user-device management and security in the hands of IT. Today’s ‘manage the device’ model has become obsolete.” For both deployment models, Druva integrates powerful WAN optimization, data analytics and search. Pricing and Availability inSync licensing is based on a per-user model that allows any number of devices per user. Pricing for the inSync cloud solution is $6 per user, per month, and the on-premises version is $4 per user, per month. The product will be available in April 2012. Editorial Contact Justin Gillespie Trainer Communications (925) 271-8215

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